Avon Cosmetic Ornaments

I dunno ’bout you but I’m crazy about makeup. As if MusingsofaMuse.com isn’t testimony to all that crazy…

That’s why I’m currently in absolute lust with the Avon Cosmetic Ornaments.

It may be too early to deck my tree but damn straight these cute ornaments will grace it when it goes up this year.


Avon exclusively created these beauty ornaments for topping wrapped gifts with or hanging on your beauty tree!

The set of three includes a lipstick, nail polish, and fragrance bottle for $12.99.

Too cute for words and the perfect gift for the beauty junkie in your life!

Available from Avon.

  • 10/3/11 17:22 Summer:

    So cute!


  • 10/3/11 18:02 Jennifer:

    oh these are adorable! i must have them!


  • 10/3/11 20:50 Donna:

    I think I need this.


  • 10/4/11 12:50 Majick:

    Oh NO! I want these and I don’t even put up a tree. LOL


  • 10/5/11 0:07 MsWorld:

    I already ordered these for myself, and the set of shoe ornaments!


    • 10/5/11 14:03 the Muse:

      I did too msworld 😀 I ordered three sets so I can decorate a small tree with them lol!


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