Avon Holiday 2011

Avon is busy stocking up their Holiday 2011 Collection. This is a great time to snag some beauty budget purchases for friend’s or family members stockings.

Take a look!

Avon Pretty Polished Mini Nail Set $7.99

  • Midnight Plum
  • Glitter Silver
  • Real Red
  • Glitter Gold

Avon Makeup To Go Palette $9.99

  • 8 eyeshadows
  • 4 lip glosses
  • 1 blush
  • Mirror

Avon Draw the Line Mini Eye Liners $7.99

  • Sapphire Blue
  • Purple
  • Bronze
  • Smoky Grey

Avon Dazzle and Shine Gloss Set $7.99

  • Apricot
  • Fuchsia Fantasy
  • Slicked Red

Avon ‘Tis The Season Lip Balm $0.69
Available Flavors:

  • Green Mint
  • Cinnamon Winter
  • Sugar Cookie
  • Berry Blizzard

Avon 2011 Holiday Hand Cream $0.79
Available Formulas:

  • Vita Moist
  • Moisture Therapy Intensive
  • Signature Silk
  • Silicone Glove

Avon Holiday 2011 is available now at shop.avon.com

  • 10/10/11 16:49 Jen:

    My mom always stocks up on the holiday hand cream and lip balms. They’re just too cute, and so easy. Avon’s got some of the best hand cream out there, fo’ sho’.


  • 10/10/11 19:05 Tigress:

    Their Makeup To Go palette looks exactly like the Too Faced Glamour To Go palette. I totally need the Green Mint lip balm!


    • 10/11/11 9:05 the Muse:



  • 10/10/11 19:50 electronicfly:

    The Avon Makeup To Go Palette looks suspiciously like something from Too Faced, no?


    • 10/11/11 9:03 the Muse:

      mmm very much so!


  • 10/10/11 21:59 BB:

    I think I’m going to get the gloss set, the mini eyeliner set and the nail polish set. I looked at the site and it seems you can get the three together for $19.99, which is a great deal.

    I like the offerings here better than the Mark ones. Though I might pick up the lipgloss set from there, too. I have a lipgloss problem.


  • 10/11/11 7:58 Telle:

    Did you haul that palette Muse? I thought about but for now have decided not too since I wasn’t pleases with the supershock duos…I did order the eyeliners and glosses though- I am a sucker for anything ltd ed! 


    • 10/11/11 9:00 the Muse:

      nope telle they just popped onto the website yesterday so haven’t tried them :)


  • 10/11/11 8:37 Maria:

    Do we know if those draw the line liners are any good? I haven’t tried them but they look cute and the colors seem really nice.


  • 10/11/11 12:17 Laura:

    I need an AVON REP! Geez, I miss purusing those catalogs, and I think I need this whole set!


  • 10/12/11 10:26 kiwikiwidragon:

    the eyeliner set is great but small. If you dig glimmer sticks then this is a good little set, but they are small, like golf pencil small. Avon lip glosses are great and have such a large variety of colors so three for 7.99 is pretty good. There is another set that has a great bag, eye quad, nail polish, and a lip gloss that is awesome. I am a rep but only for the discounts, hee hee :)


    • 10/12/11 10:42 kiwikiwidragon:

      hmmm….its not showing on the site. lemme see if i can link it


      • 10/12/11 10:46 kiwikiwidragon:

        ok, it must not be available yet, sorry.


    • 10/12/11 11:15 the Muse:

      jenn I was looking for their new holiday quads ;-D they looked nice from images I saw you got me excited about the kit ;D!


      • 10/12/11 11:17 kiwikiwidragon:

        I will keep looking for it, sorry to get you excited :(


        • 10/12/11 11:18 the Muse:

          lol no worries it’s still early ;D


  • 10/12/11 11:25 kiwikiwidragon:

    I sent you an email with a picture!


    • 10/12/11 11:31 the Muse:

      thank ye misses!


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