BCBG Max Azaria Eau de Parfum Spray

Everyone is hitting the rose or floral topper hard this year.

I’d say the trend started with the introduction of Marc Jacobs Lola. The Bieb copped a bit with his Somebody Fragrance but according to many news sources Marc Jacobs was a-ok with it. Hey, copying, the ultimate form of flattery right?

Of course off the topic of floral toppers…but why was everyone so cuckoo for cocoa puffs with that Somebody fragrance? I thought it smelled overwhelming as hell.

Anyway…floral toppers…

Finally Vera Wang went ALL out with her Lovestruck fragrance. This one takes an entire bouquet and pops it on the top of the perfume bottle.

Following in the footsteps of many greats BCBG Max Azaria Eau de Parfum Spray gives us their rendition of the ever popular floral topper.

BCBG Max Azaria Eau de Parfum Spray is a succulent blend of black cherry and wild strawberry with floral notes of rose petals, violet, and jasmine.

The fragrance promises an sexy, sophisticated, and mystery scent thanks to the addition of sandalwood, and rare orris.

As for me, it was the bottle that caught my eye prior to the notes.

I must smell this.

Available now at Ulta.

Anyone sniff?

  • 10/25/11 19:56 amysummer:

    I really liked this fragrance when I sampled it in the store. It starts off really sweet though…

    It might jump into my stash of fragrance 😉


    • 10/26/11 9:51 the Muse:

      amy I likey me some sweet ;-D


  • 10/26/11 0:21 Molly:

    As soon as I saw this it reminded me of the jewel flower in Aladdin. I haven’t seen that movie in years but I used to want a jeweled flower so bad… hopefully it smells good so I can have it!


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