Boo to You! From DuWop! 31% Off Coupon Code for DuWop Cosmetics

Happy Halloween! Or almost Halloween. I hope you have some super plans for the weekend. This is one my favorite Holidays and I’ll be taking full advantage of the weekend to celebrate it in style.

DuWop is celebrating too with a discount of 31% Off your entire purchase and Free Shipping using promo code BOOWOP! Shop now at up until the 31st when the sale ends.


  • 10/29/11 0:10 Melissa:

    booo-woppppp .When I got the email i giggled. Boowop boowop. The third grade girl in me got the giggles. I’m so ordering a few things. What did you haul?


    • 10/31/11 12:59 the Muse:

      melissa totally having a hanson moment ;-D Nothing yet. I’m still putting stuff in my cart, blue venom was a given though!


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