Clarins Colour Breeze for Spring 2012

Oh Clarins you gorgeous little devil.

Your Spring 2011 Collection has me shivering in delight.

Take a look!

Clarins Colour Breeze has me reminiscing about the brilliance of Instant Blush Magic Colour, delight!

The collection features the traditional Face and Blush Palette that Clarins seems to embrace with many of their collections lately and also the new Clarins Vitamin Tonic Instant Light Blush in Coral and Pink. These liquid blushes are described by British Beauty Blogger as having a foam tipped application and a natural finish!

I hope and I pray we see all of this our side of the pond as we never did get the lovely Crystal Lip Balm which I still have sweet lemmings for.

Images and deets were taken from the British Beauty Blogger.

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