Clean Skin Eau de Parfum Review

I can’t start a review of Clean Skin Eau de Parfum without reliving my geeky childhood. Remember Stand by Me? My friend Christina and I were obsessed with that movie so much so we greeted each other with the very corny, “Gimme some skin” quote handshake unquote.

Let’s not forget that my crush at the time was Casey Siemaszko, dood, what the hell even happened to him? Can we haz a Casey Siemaszko where is he now VH1 Special?

According to his IMDb he’s been quite busy…ha who knew?

Speaking of skin…

Clean Skin Eau de Parfum is the newest fragrance added to the Clean family.

Let’s take a look!

Although recognizable as a clean, fresh scent, Skin still manages to stand on its own by being completely unique and different from any of the other Clean fragrances.

As per its namesake it does evoke the scent of clean, just stepped out of the shower skin but it has a certain sexiness to it that gives it a lovely little edge.

Warm musk reminds me of supple, touchable skin while aquatic notes and soft floral notes from Lotus Blossom and Dewy Petals round it off to a fresh, pure, cleanliness.

We’ve come to expect Clean fragrances to remind us of a just stepped from the shower scent and indeed this evokes that scent but the musky edge gives off a little bit of a seductive note that redefines the fragrance.


Wear time is a little short on this one but it does have a very soft, subtle linger after its worn away but touch ups are necessary.

Available now at Sephora and

If you like Clean Fragrances you’ll love Skin.


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  • 10/4/11 11:44 Sarah S.:

    What? Girl, sometimes your blog is the Dennis Millers stand-up routine of beauty blogs! I mean, with the obscure references 😉


    • 10/4/11 11:51 the Muse:

      haaaaaaaaaaa seriously dontcha love Stand by Me? Mmmm Casey! I wanna lick him or at least his really cool hair.


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