DuWop Blue Venom

Some folks dislike DuWop Lip Venom in a major way….I personally love it. It might be painful but it’s a good kinda pain that makes my lips look all lush and pouty.

For fans of the stung you’ll be delighted to know a new formulation of Duwop Lip Venom awaits you.


DuWop Blue Venom is the same great plumping formula of the Lip Venom you know and love. The formula is infused with cinnamon, wintergreen, ginger, jojoba, and avocado plus a slight blue tint which makes teeth appear whiter.

I’ve never really brought into the blue lipgloss deal but people swear it really does make teeth appear whiter.

Of course, I’ll totally haul this for a try.

Whatcha think?

Available now at DuWop.com

Are you a lover of Lip Venom?

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  • 10/24/11 10:42 Fey:

    Tailored to Spiderman fans all over the nation.
    I am glad DuWop is still creating new Venoms. I’ll definitely pick this up. Nothing has really struck my fancy since the Venom Flashes. This one is the color of toothpaste, my favorite flavor.


  • 10/24/11 10:43 Sarah S.:

    I loves, I got the twilight venom and venom blush but they “turned” or something after several months. I want to try this too, though. I think it does make teeth appear whiter.


    • 10/24/11 12:37 Tammie:

      Ugh, yeah…I bought the twilight venom from Nordstrom Rack because it was super cheap and I’d always been curious about venom…but the one I got had already “turned” what a POS :(.


    • 10/24/11 19:17 Fey:

      Lol. “Turned” like a vampire. Same thing happened to my Venom Blush. I still wore it anyway. : /


      • 8/17/12 5:57 shony:

        ‘Turned’? Explain..? ….


  • 10/24/11 11:06 Sara:

    Yeah, it does have a nice, subtle “whitening effect”, but man does it wash out my newly pale lips something awful!

    I love the burny sting too! The boy doesn’t, so I can’t wear stingy lip stuff when he’s around, but other than that….less calorie dense than eating a spicy hot meal. :p


  • 10/24/11 14:31 Eve:

    Being a masochist I love the stinging! I don’t even care if it really plumps lol. I love the pretty shiny blue so I definitely want to try this one and see if it really whitens.


  • 10/25/11 1:58 Melissa:

    love blue glosses love venom last one i bought was the pink one for twilight or whatever it was. I wonder who is caring this line locally? Maybe nordies.. will have to see because I need it.


    • 10/25/11 9:02 the Muse:

      seems no one has their full line :( I used to like when Sephora had it :(


  • 10/28/11 12:40 Sarah S.:

    Hey Muse! I got their newsletter with a 31% off Halloween sale (Code is Boowop lol) :) And no sales tax cuz I don’t live in California and free shipping, yay! So I got this blue venom to try, as well as another color of the Cheek Duals from the POTC collection… I liked Luz de Luna, so I ordered Rubellite. Are you going to get the blue venom?


    • 10/28/11 15:58 the Muse:

      do you read minds? got the email too lol! ;-D I ordered it already as soon as the coupon popped into my box haha!


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