Fusion Beauty Sale @ Sephora

Thanks to Josh for spreading the love today and telling me Fusion Beauty is on sale at Sephora.

If you wants, you better get in there as alot of stuff is already sold out as they have diced much of it at more than 50% off retail…!

For example the glosses are $9 compared to their normal $38 price tag.

Super deals here.

Shop it now at www.Sephora.com

Thanks Josh! <3!

  • 10/5/11 14:19 Josh :D:

    Of course Muse! When I first found out it was on sale, I ran to get a balm because of your review! I wish they were still in stock! <3


    • 10/5/11 14:27 the Muse:

      don’t give up! sometimes they restock a few days later ;-D!!!!!!!!! great sale, they slashed 75% at least!


  • 10/5/11 15:54 Sara:

    Oh balls. There isn’t anything I’m interested in still left. :( Sad now.


  • 10/5/11 20:20 Olivia:

    do you think it’s because they’re leaving sephora?


    • 10/6/11 10:34 the Muse:

      likely olivia or completely going out of business. they are sold at ulta still so prob just b/c they are not going to be on sephora anymore!


  • 10/5/11 22:43 Brooke Lehman:

    Why is Sephora having such a sale on Fusion Beauty? Does anyone know if these prices are valid in stores as well?


    • 10/6/11 10:31 the Muse:

      fusion is either going out of business or more than likely sephora is simply not carrying it anymore Brooke. that’s why it’s on sale. Sephora normally holds sales like this when they stop carrying a line. Not sure if stores will offer them at a discount in most cases I notice sales like these are online only.


      • 10/6/11 15:59 Brooke Lehman:

        I don’t have a Sephora near me but I sent my mom to go to the one in Delaware and she found them discounted there as well so she picked up a few of the lip glosses for me. Yay!


  • 10/6/11 3:06 ZANGY:

    omg omg! i gotta go! i can’t even type from excitement!!!!!


  • 10/6/11 3:09 ZANGY:

    …but, why? is sephora getting rid of the line?


  • 10/6/11 3:44 ZANGY:

    pooey..nothing is left.


  • 10/6/11 11:10 Brooke Lehman:

    The Fusion Beauty website is under construction maybe they are unveiling a new line?


    • 10/6/11 11:17 the Muse:

      it’s been like that since Summer brooke


  • 10/15/11 12:24 Nahia:

    Hi Muse…i work @ Macys & we are having the same sale! We figure they either are gonna be carried at a store like target or they went under. Thwy were super over priced, so my guess is they went under.


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