Imagine If These Were Real?

in MAC

MAC Lipstick Pastels

I want these in my Easter Basket….ha…

Imagine if they were real?

As seen on Sirena Sparklestar.

  • 10/10/11 13:56 Valerie:

    They’re great!


  • 10/10/11 15:09 Shoppingaholic:

    I thought they are real…


    • 10/10/11 15:13 the Muse:

      are they? what collection is that from? :)


  • 10/10/11 18:50 christina:

    I saw Temptalia comment on twitter that they are real and she listed the name of collection but i cannot find the info :)


    • 10/11/11 9:05 the Muse:

      really? I noticed her discussing them but not that they were real……interesting will have to email christine and ask her to verify ;D


  • 10/10/11 22:13 Gina:

    OMG! I thought they were real too! I want some of those in my makeup basket. Please tell the good make up fairy to place them under my pillow. LOL!!!


    • 10/11/11 9:02 the Muse:

      not that I know of Gina ;-D


  • 10/11/11 0:12 M:

    Gaaaaah cuteness! I wish they are real!


  • 10/11/11 13:38 Sarah:

    They almost look like peeps!


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