Jack Black Balm Squad Lip Balm Set for Holiday 2011

I haven’t quite gotten a handle on the fascination, obsession, and following that Jack Black Lip Balms have…

But fan girls of the brand will love all over the new Jack Black Balm Squad Lip Balm Set for Holiday 2011.

This set features four of the bestselling balms including two brand new flavors. Each gloss features an SPF 25 and a formula that moisturizes and protects lips!

You get:

  • Natural Mint & Shea Butter
  • Lemon & Chamomile (new)
  • Shea Butter & Vitamin E (new)
  • Mango & Mandarin

The set is $25 and available at Nordstrom and Nordstrom.com

  • 10/3/11 12:29 Tammie:

    I’m glad I’m not the only person who doesn’t get the big deal about Jack Black lip balms. I have one and it’s OK but makes my lips feel a bit weird and numb, also it doesn’t help my lips be softer than any other lip balm. I don’t usually use it.


    • 10/3/11 12:38 the Muse:

      amen tammie totes know what you mean! plus can’t wear them out of the house, it’s just so heavy!


      • 10/3/11 12:59 Tammie:

        Yeah, can’t put it on with any lipstick etc. so what’s the point :X


        • 10/3/11 20:47 Carrie:

          It’s my favorite night-time balm. I can put it on at night and still feel it on in the morning. I keep a tube of Burt’s Bees in my purse for the day!


  • 10/3/11 13:24 Sara:

    I haven’t succumbed to the hype yet. Mostly because I’ve been burned on every since “cult favorite” product or fragrance I’ve ever tried. For serious, and not even to be contradictory! :p


    • 10/3/11 13:43 the Muse:

      lol sara I have same issue!


      • 10/3/11 13:47 Tammie:

        Haha same with me too…pretty much everything my friends tell me I must buy (unless I read their blog and decide for myself that I want it) ends up getting returned!


        • 10/3/11 20:51 Sara:

          Muse – the gathering grounds for the anti-popular kids. :p As if your cheeky posts weren’t enough to keep us coming back.


          • 10/4/11 9:14 the Muse:

            LOL sara ;D!

  • 10/3/11 13:28 Ashley:

    Hugeee fan of the Jack Black lip balms. Do want this!


  • 10/3/11 14:27 Sarah:

    I don’t think Lemon & Chamomile is new, I’ve got a tube of it right here. Bought it at Sephora earlier this year. Unless they reformulated it? While I like the balm, none of these flavors pique my interest enough to buy the set.


  • 10/3/11 17:56 Ami:

    Yup the lemon chamomile is my favorite and I’ve had it for a while now. I agree that it makes my lips strangely numb, but the scent is to die for! And no other balm has the same luxurious emollient texture, plus spf 25. I like using this over a lip stain but I wish they would come out with a tinted version. Don’t think I’ll be going for the set though since it’s only the lemon scented one I’m in love with :p


  • 10/4/11 3:55 Quinctia:

    I think the Mango and the Shea are the new ones. The Lemon’s usually alongside the Mint in the normal displays. I would never have tried this product if it weren’t for the lemon one, I’m not a huge fan of mint in my balms.

    The lemon one smells like lemon pez to me. I did nab the two pack that Sephora had awhile back, with Grapefruit & Ginger and some other flavor that was fruity.

    I really like these as a balm. It’s not often I feel that I need a lip balm, but if I want one, I want one that’s heavy duty. It’s usually a toss-up between grabbing the Jack Black or finding my jar of Pop Petal Balm (though it’s harder to get a nice thick layer applying with my finger out of the jar).

    I don’t get any tingle from mine, either because I have fruity flavors, or because I’m not especially sensitive to a lot of those tingly oils. I kinda like the tingle of plumping glosses, and I can wear all the cinnamon BPALs directly on my skin.


  • 10/4/11 11:15 Ruthless:

    Jack Black is the only reasonably priced lip product (lipfusion! Too pricey) that stops my lips from flaking and chapping in the winter time, plus it’s SPF 25. I haven’t had chapped lips since I started using it over a year ago.


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