Josie Maran Tinted Argan Lip Treatment Pot

Josie Maran Argan Lip Treatment is probably one of my all time favorite lip balms even though the packaging reminds me of a canopic jar, what? It does…I can always store an organ in it after I’m done right?

So I’m excited that Josie decided to go the color route with these incredible glosses!

Check it!

These argan oil infused lip balms give lips a smooth, lush, supple finish and are now available as a trio in three shades from QVC.

You get:

  • Rosey (deep rose pink with pomegranate scent)
  • Heaven (glittering sheer peach with tangerine scent)
  • Kiss Me (light pink with lime scent)

Yes, I want…! But $40 plus $4.72 shipping and taxes…ouchie..I might wait!

Available now from

  • 10/3/11 12:49 Sarah:

    Argan, organ, not far off?

    Now I feel lame for finding that funny… ;P


    • 10/3/11 12:49 the Muse:

      I find it hysterical LOL!


    • 10/3/11 19:50 Maggie:

      I think it’s funny too. =D


  • 10/3/11 14:09 kimk:

    Sarah – that’s a scream!! 😀 Very clever!


  • 10/3/11 14:18 Sarah S.:

    Aw, I think they’re cute… then again, I always thought the canopic jars were cute 😛


  • 10/3/11 14:23 Cj:

    I wonder what the consistency is… Is it like a cream or a solid balm.


  • 10/3/11 20:37 Hamster:

    These are my most favorite lip products EVER! $40 is a lot…but these would be great stocking stuffers. :)


  • 10/4/11 3:59 Quinctia:

    I’d be more inclined to try a tinted one of these than the regular clear one, but I wouldn’t need three colors.

    Maybe people will buy a million of these, and then someday Sephora will carry them separately! 😀


  • 10/4/11 9:24 Tracy:

    U mean it’s 40$ for ONE ?? Wow…


    • 10/4/11 9:25 the Muse:

      all three tracy.


      • 10/4/11 9:27 Tracy:

        hahah ! ouf ! much better… wonder if they sell them separately… I’m most interested in the light pink one !


        • 10/6/11 11:59 the Muse:

          I wish they did tracy ;D!


  • 10/4/11 22:21 dina:

    love the look of the container but hate that its actually in a pot :( if that makes sense. couldn’t resist the apple scent at the time and quite fond of the consistency though after hunting it down on sephora last fall, i think it must have a cult following b/c it was impossible to find for a while


    • 10/6/11 11:40 the Muse:

      AGREEEEEEEED hate dipping my fingers in :-/


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