Laura Mercier Rose Rendevous Face Illuminator

I have a hard time saying no to two things in my makeup life, concealers and pretty powders.

Laura Mercier why you do this to me?

I need your Rose Rendevous Face Illuminator, it’s so pretty I cried a little in delight!

This one has a soft rose gold shimmer but I’m actually hopeful the shimmer will be an overlay and perhaps there’s a rosy glowing powder underneath I can use as a blusher!

Delicious isn’t it?

Available at Laura Mercier counters for $42.

  • 10/20/11 19:35 Tracy:

    I WANT THIS. YUP. :)


  • 10/20/11 19:47 Sara:

    PRETTY!!! I have a hard time saying “no” to pretty things too. Damnit. :p


  • 10/20/11 20:06 Brandi G.:

    I need this in my life but I can’t find it at any of my local stores. I need some swatches first. Hehe


  • 10/21/11 1:19 carol:

    Got it with the Sephora FF 20% off. :-)


  • 10/21/11 1:39 divinem (Melissa):




  • 10/21/11 4:26 Quinctia:

    It’s pretty, but I don’t really “get” highlighter. Not that this stops me from coveting Meteorites for some reason…


  • 10/21/11 12:30 Christina:

    Hi Muse,

    The shimmer isn’t an overlay. I’d say it’s more an intense sheen than a shimmer; it can be too much if you’re not careful. It also sports a rather creamy and soft feel. Also, because I’m fair (think NC 10/15), it ended up looking somewhat like a bronzer on me with just a hint of rosiness. I don’t look good in bronzers, but I looked nice with this on. It’s definitely not sheer. I think it looked better on my eyelids than it did on my cheeks; it caught the light like none other–I had glowy eyelids! In terms of colour, it’s not quite rose gold on me; it’s more like a really really soft light amber with maybe just a touch of rose.

    The floral etching doesn’t go very deep, though. It’ll last a while because of the depth, but a few swipes will smooth it out.

    Hope that helps!


    • 10/21/11 12:35 the Muse:

      hiya christina phew that helped alot girl! I’ll probably skip after reading your mini review as I def can’t wear too much shimmer/glow-y bronzer on my face without looking goofy! ;-D



  • 10/21/11 13:44 Susan Lewis:

    Christina, I’m wondering how it compares to the Estee Lauder new Illuminating Powder Gelee (snakeskin texture). I love that product because it’s not too much for fair skin. Do you happen to have that product as well to compare with?


  • 10/21/11 14:47 Harshleen:



  • 10/21/11 15:02 katrosado:

    Wow that is beautiful! I’m a sucker for illuminators. I also have the EL gelee and it’s amazing. I probably will pick this one up.


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