Lorac Bejeweled Palette Trio Photos

Lorac has a trio of Bejeweled Pallette available exclusively at Ulta for $34 at the moment for Holiday 2011.

This is possibly my favorite gift set for the holidays.

Take a look!

I haven’t tried these out yet and I have plans for a review shortly but I wanted to share some images. Each palette is a full size quad and has a nice weight behind it and a jeweled design. The palettes come in a single box but they are packaged in their own clear box so they are pretty much ready for gift giving should you like to split the set up!

At $34, you’re looking at $11 dollars and change per quad…quite a value.

The set is available exclusively at Ulta and Ulta.com

Review is coming up shortly.

Will you be hauling this set?

  • 10/10/11 13:42 Susan Lewis:

    Wow, quite a deal!


  • 10/10/11 13:47 Tammie:

    I want it for the 2 neutral palettes, but the smoky one just ruins it for me…because I will never use it, it brings down the deal aspect of the set. :(


    • 10/10/11 13:47 Tammie:

      But I’ll wait for your swatches and review, if it’s fantastic then it’s probably worth it.


    • 10/10/11 13:56 the Muse:

      gift it? :)


  • 10/11/11 11:10 April:

    Got these last week and love them. The Smoky Plum set is an exact dupe (IMHO) for the Bobbi Brown Black Ruby Sparkle palette only without the glitter/sparkle.


  • 10/11/11 11:59 Sara:

    Oooh. I’ll enjoy your review, but if I buy any more eyeshadow for myself I think it might be considered an addiction. I’d totally get them as gifts though!


  • 10/11/11 13:07 kimkats:

    Wait, what?! They are $34 for the SET?! Holy farkalarkadingdong!! I must have them!! MUST!!!


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