Lorac Shimmer & Shine Collection

Don’t overlook the power of Lorac Eyeshadows dood. They make some seriously nice potted shadows and their new Shimmer & Shine Set contains three!

This seven piece collection features 99% full size products, score! Who doesn’t love sets that pack in the full size items right?

You get:

  • Lorac Eye Shadow in Serenity (shimmering light bronze), Shimmer (shimmering white), Dark Brown (matte dark brown)
  • Lorac Behind The Scenes Eye Primer (this one be mini peeps)
  • Lorac Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss in Polished (light opalescent pink)
  • Lorac Visual Effects in Jet Black
  • Black Microfiber Makeup Bag

The set is $37 and available now at Sephora and Sephora.com

P.S. I normally toss makeup bags into a bin (it’s get a little out of control in there) but this bag actually looks like it has potential!

  • 10/20/11 19:24 BooBooNinja:

    I lust over the buttery goodness of Lorac eyeshadows every time I go to Sephora. I was able to take advantage of their $14 haute look palette and i love it! Some may think it’s a boring neutral palette but I’m starting my collection with the basics and Lorac shadows are top notch.


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