Lori Greiner Luxury Deluxe Wood Cosmetic Box

Lori Greiner, genius storage creator extraordinaire, will be on QVC this week.

I’m kinda hopeful she’ll introduce some new and exciting organizer. Seriously, the lady is pure genius with jewelry and makeup organization. I own one of her jewelry organizers as well as several of her makeup ones. These are not only very practical, functional pieces but also very elegant.

This is her Deluxe Wood Cosmetic Box for $69. I actually have a smaller version of this case that I purchased years ago!

My wish?

A massive makeup organizer. Something that will fit my entire stash! I know, I know…..mission impossible. But a girl can wish can’t she?

See Lori on the Q this Thursday from 2 to 3 PM EST, 9 to 10 PM, and Saturday 5 to 6 PM EST and follow her on Twitter @lorigreiner to see what new and exciting products are upcoming!

  • 10/18/11 10:00 Sarah S.:

    Still want… just like last year… heh


  • 10/18/11 10:15 Tracy:

    I bought her smaller version a couple years ago. It served me well, until my stash became too big for it! I ended up giving it to a friend and just buying a cabinet unit.


    Taken a few months ago, it’s grown since then.


    • 10/18/11 10:32 the Muse:

      lovely stash tracy! I’ve grown out of the small one too so I keep essentials in it. I wish she had a monster one to house all my stash ;D!


  • 10/18/11 13:04 diane:

    wow this is great! it won’t hold my whole stash either tho! lol


    • 10/18/11 13:33 the Muse:

      ha d me either ;D me either!


  • 10/18/11 13:36 Mallory:

    I love this! Too bad it’s too small to hold all my stuff. =(


  • 10/18/11 18:51 Tammie:

    This is really neat! I think it’d store a decent amount of my stash (at least, the things I use often and my second most often used things)…but my problem is that I don’t know where I’d put it! I don’t have a vanity which is what I suspect this was made for. I use a IKEA Helmer in the bathroom.

    Does this thing stick around for ordering year round or do I have to only order it during a certain time? I am planning on eventually getting a vanity so maybe I could get this first if it’s LE…


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