MAC Glitter and Ice Review Coming Up!

Ice, Ice Baby…!

My review on MAC Glitter and Ice is coming up in a few. I think I nitpicked it apart a bit. I’m curious what you guys are thinking of it.

Anyone haul yet?


Do share ’em!

Reviews are coming up in a bit.

  • 10/27/11 17:52 Dana:

    On Temptalia’s blog, she didn’t really seem to like a lot of the collection. But then again, I didn’t read the entire entries and just looked at the scores and swatches. I personally think that white packaging looks cheap most of the time and the swatches on above site and others seem to be lacking. I’m also not a huge MAC collection person, but the new Gareth Pugh collection is more my speed, I’ll wait until the swatches though.


  • 10/27/11 18:42 Maggie:

    I’m skipping this whole collection – all the reviews I’ve seen so far have been really disappointing. I’m curious to see your reviews!


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