MAC Iced Delights Lip Bag Review, Swatches, Photos

Ahhh finally another piece of the MAC Holiday 2011 Collection that I am liking. Phew I was starting to feel like the Grinch Who Stole the Christmas Makeup Collection from you.

The MAC Iced Delights Lip Bag in Sultry turned into exactly that, a delight!


I’m really a lover of MLBB (my lips but better) lip colors but I don’t own nearly as many as I’d like because they prove difficult shades to find. The MAC Iced Delights Lip Bag is filled with some great shades of pink MLBB shades that I was ecstatic over.

This bag houses two full size products and one mini for $38. Considering MAC Lipsticks are $15 each and Cremesheen Glasses are $18.50 each the cost evens out slightly here as you get a mini Lip Pencil and Lip Bag in the mix for your extra five bucks or so. Not sure if it’s a BIG value but it’s not a rip off either.

Again, I’ll take a moment to rant MAC’s odd bag choice. I guess it’s a personal preference but being privy to numerous MAC Holiday Collections these bags are borderline cheesy compared to bags from past collections but feel free to debate the point with me. This bag reminds me, literally, of a flying saucer.

I’m not much of a Lip Pencil girl so the Boldly Bare Lip Pencil probably won’t get alot of love for me. If you like matchy match lipstick, gloss, and pencil you’ll enjoy this collection however I think Boldly Bare matches the Lipstick and Cremesheen a bit too perfectly resulting in an barely there liner. I normally go a shade darker with lipliner when I use it but I guess it all depends on how you prefer your look.

Now the joy for me was the Cremesheen and Lipstick here. I loved the shades and felt they were perfect nude pinks.

Deelight (Cremesheen) was a lovely shade of dusky pink and I Love Winter (Lipstick) was a similar shade of medium dusky pink.

Paired together they made a delightfully lovely MLBB look!

I’ll be exploring the other lip bags in this collection at my local counter to see if any others are worth hauling. I loved this collection and have hopes the others will prove as lovely.

Are you hauling any of the Iced Delights Lip Bags?

Which one(s)?


This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
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  • 10/27/11 22:17 CK:

    omg, i LOVE the lipstick color!
    but i totally agree with you, i LOATHE the bag!!


    • 10/28/11 16:03 the Muse:

      ugh the bags are just awful!


  • 10/28/11 9:17 Jennifer:

    I’m definitely thinking of getting this lip set…but I agree, I hate the bag!!


    • 10/28/11 9:19 the Muse:

      ugh the bag just ticks me off lol!


  • 10/28/11 10:46 Majick:

    When I saw those bags I really just glossed over the make up. There is nothing I really need and if I’m not enticed with packaging or a cool deal, the product has to scream “YOU HAVE NOTHING LIKE ME YET!”
    I guess MAC didn’t yell loud enough at me this time. Also, I really like to play with MAC stuff up close and personal and I have to travel at least 30 minutes to get anywhere to do that. This saves me a ton of moo-lah.


  • 10/28/11 11:17 LaurieS:

    The bags are ugly and why or why did they have to include a pencil liner?
    I love the lippie and the gloss but I don’t like fiddling with a lip liner and know I would never use it.


    • 10/28/11 11:30 the Muse:

      same here…just not a lipliner kinda gal!


  • 10/28/11 11:30 Daniela:

    Oh please make these colors permanent MAC…then i dont have to buy your crappy bag.


    • 10/28/11 11:53 the Muse:

      *nods* good idea!


  • 10/28/11 23:42 mtx:

    today I bought this set too <3
    I really love the lipstick! I love winter <3
    but as you said.. the bag is really not that good… :/ lol


    • 10/31/11 10:17 the Muse:

      it’s a nice shade selection isn’t mtx? :) glad you’re loving it. Agreed bad stinks :(


  • 10/30/11 11:11 Beth:

    The bags look like something from a happy meal. I never use liner because I’m afraid the lipstick will wear off and I’ll have that dark line around my lips. They could have at least given us some cute packaging on the lipsticks-maybe something sparkly like Laura Geller did with the compacts in her tropics collection. The plain white packaging is a big disappointment.


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