Mally Poreless Face Defender Super Natural Blush

Mally has released her new Poreless Face Defender Super Natural Blush. The blush is available as a pre-order (it’ll ship at the end of the month) at

Let’s take a look!

Mally Poreless Face Defender Super Natural Blush is a retake on Mally’s Poreless Face Defender by adding color into the mix of things.

The formula is a silky, smooth, lightweight blush that give your face a fresh, lifted look. I like the natural, radiant, “glow from within” look that they are marketing here however I think the “Face Defender” terminology may be overused or even misused in this case. Mally’s Poreless Face Defender is a clear gel-like finishing “powder” where as this simply a cream blush…”face defender”, “poreless”, etc…seems to be thrown around loosely here.

Although I am a little nit picky about the name of the product, I do think it looks like a fabulous little product that I will likely indulge in as the application during the presentation on QVC gave the model beautifully flushed cheeks!

This is available in two shades:

  • Poreless Peach
  • Flawless Pink

It’s $26 and you can order it now from and it will ship at the end of the month.

Did you grab one?


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  • 10/10/11 12:58 Laura:

    I have it as part of the Defend yourself – and like it! Just wish I didn’t have to use my fingers


  • 10/10/11 13:23 Susan Lewis:

    I ordered the Defend your Beauty kit on QVC when it was TSV. I promptly returned the kit. I tested this blush in Flawless Pink and I wasn’t impressed and certainly would NEVER pay $26 for it, even if it was twice the size. First of all, the blush isn’t pink; it’s coral. Secondly, it is VERY sheer. If you want only the lightest effect on your cheeks, you might like it. Since there are so many cream blushes out there that surpass this product, I cannot recommend it at all. I’d rather have a pigmented product I can sheer out than one that takes too much product to be seen. Frankly, Mally is beautiful and energetic, but TO ME her products are all hype and no substance.


  • 10/10/11 17:00 diane:

    i love this blush from the TSV!! i really want the other color but I am holding out bc there are 2 more shipments and I don’t want a color dupe.


  • 10/11/11 11:49 Cj:

    Anyone else thinking of using a bit of the pink and a bit of the peach together to make an awesome coral :D!


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