Philosophy Sweet Fluffy Cupcake Shower Gel

What’s that scent Philosophy has that they gift us on our birthday…is it Vanilla Birthday Cake or Vanilla Cupcake?

You know the one….

Well, they don’t do it so well. I’ve always been mildly turned off by the smell of that there shower gel however add fluffy and sweet to the mix and my ears perk up! Particularly when marshmallow is involved!


For Holiday 2011, Philosophy introduces its new Sweet Fluffy Cupcake. This isn’t your ordinary cupcake peeks as it has vanilla and caramel plus a marshmallow center…!

Oh hello deliciousness wanna shower with me?

Available in the hefty 24 oz size at for $20 with a gift bag (slip it in the bag, open it up, and act surprised about your gift “from me, to me”).

  • 10/20/11 11:41 Sarah S.:

    Totally, agree, Muse! I was so disappointed with the Vanilla Birthday Cake freebie. It smelled kinda yucko. Sweet Fluffy sounds endearing enough that I’d love to sniff this out…


    • 10/20/11 12:34 the Muse:

      me too! ugh I hate that sephora gifts it free on my bday every year…yuk do NOT WANT!


  • 10/20/11 14:16 Laura:

    My birthday is Dec – so I always see what the birthday girft for the year is and have to wait all year – YUCK – I hate the cake wash thing! I dislike smelling like food, I super dislike smelling like fake food.

    I’m crossing my fingers that next year’s will be better


    • 10/20/11 14:17 the Muse:

      I like foody laura but this scent just turns me off yak! I hate the bday. gift…it’s nice they give it away for free but jeepers can’t we get something nicer lol!


  • 10/20/11 15:30 divinem (Melissa):

    The name in itself sounds really yummy. Sweet, fluffy cupcake?! Mmmm.

    I got Vanilla Birthday Cake 4 oz. shower gel for my birthday this month (from Sephora).


    • 10/20/11 15:32 divinem (Melissa):

      I like the smell while showering and like that it doesn’t follow me after drying off. Vanilla is one of my favorite scents.


  • 10/20/11 16:42 SusanT:

    I just got Marshmallows for Toasting — yummy! I want to get Sweet Fluffy Cupcake, though — I cannot resist!!!


    • 10/20/11 16:48 the Muse:

      I heard that smells awesome susan ;-D! I wants too!


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