Sephora by Opi Glimmer Wonderland Eighteen Piece Mini Nail Colour Set for Holiday 2011

On the wings of the QVC Sephora by Opi Gift Set I posted about here’s another fab little gift set to appease the nail girl’s appetites out there.

This set includes eighteen little mini nail polishes (0.12 oz) for $48.


  • Dear Diary
  • How Cute Is That?
  • Natural Environ-mint
  • It’s Hippo To Be Square
  • Access 24/7
  • Ms. Can’t Be Wrong
  • Don’t Feed The Hand Models
  • Metro Chic
  • Already Famous
  • I’m With Brad
  • Sample Sale
  • Fiercely Fabulous
  • Break A Leg-Warmer
  • Bring On The Snowflakes
  • Mermaid To Order
  • I Don’t Bite
  • Eve-y On The Eyes
  • Just A Little Dangerous

If I were a nail girl I think I’d need this.

Available at

  • 10/19/11 7:45 yuki:

    so pretty!! Why does sephora have to be so far from my house :( It’s all the way in the city centre….
    Ooo.. can’t wait for christmas ^^


  • 10/19/11 9:03 Donna:

    Why so many repeats damnit? I have half of these already.


  • 10/19/11 9:21 JenJ:

    OOooooooh puuuurrtyyyy!!! Ok at first I wasn’t to excited about the holiday stuff I’ve seen….now…I’m about to be broke lol!


  • 10/20/11 1:24 Miss_silk:

    I’m a nail girl and I need this…..^^ lol


    • 10/20/11 9:15 the Muse:

      ;-D can’t blame ya!


  • 10/21/11 23:10 divinem (Melissa):

    I got this in my F&F haul. Love smaller bottles so I don’t have to fully commit to the colors, and couldn’t resist. $2.67/bottle w/the discount. LOVE! I have no OPI polishes, so great deal for me.


    • 10/22/11 15:24 divinem (Melissa):

      Actually, with the 20% discount, they were $2.13/bottle. CA-CHING!


  • 10/23/11 0:01 Peiji:

    oh my goodness, to die for!
    I actually like every single colour in the kit
    the first 4 in every row are my favourites!


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