Sephora Needs a Wish List Feature but Until Than You Can Use Amazon’s Wish List for All Your Wishy List Needs! really needs a wish list feature…or even a recommendation one. Let’s not get too technical thought, a wish list to start with is fine by me!

Sadly, it’s not available as of yet on their website but maybe in the future. Until that time you can download and install the Wish List Plugin which allows you to use your Amazon Wish List on any retail site!

This cool plugin allows you to add a little “Amazon” Icon to your browser which when clicked adds items to your Amazon Wish List. It can be used on any retail site across the web so you can compile lists for all your favorite sites including

Nifty eh?

I labeled my new wish list “Beauty Wants” and simply click the Amazon button to add items onto the list.

Until Sephora adds in a wish list feature, this is the next best thing! Get the plugin at


Note: I wasn’t taking Sephora’s Gift Registry into consideration with this post. I found it easier to use Amazon’s plugin since I spend so much time on the site! :) Sephora does allow you add items to your shopping cart and to keep them there however if you’re checking out and have a large cart you have to remove those items if you are not planning to buy them so this isn’t really a solution for a wish list.

  • 10/10/11 11:53 Phyrra:

    Sephora has a gift registry but it’s not nearly as cool as Amazon’s wish list :)

  • 10/10/11 12:06 slick:

    I’m pretty sure Sephora does have a wishlist feature….its called “Shopping List” instead I believe! You can click “Add to my Shopping List” next to each product :)

  • 10/10/11 12:11 BunnyMasseuse:

    Yeah I was going to say, there is a gift wishlist on Sephora, and you can choose to make it public or private. I use the private one to keep track of what I want to purchase for F&F.

  • 10/10/11 12:17 Lulee:

    yeah i have a gift registry for myself on sephora that i use as a wish list. i think it would be hilarious to send it to my friends though… wink wink look at all these pretty things i want… ehem ehem.

  • 10/10/11 12:43 Brandi G.:

    I’m pretty sure they do have something like a wishlist. It’s just called a “shopping list”. I save all my favs and wants in there. I can even access the list through the Sephora app on iPhone so I know exactly what to buy when I’m in the store. My only complaint about the wishlist on the app is that if an item is out of stock or unavailable, it will not show up on the wishlist in the app. Check it out Muse.

    • 10/10/11 12:54 the Muse:

      yes the shopping list is great brandi but it’s not a wish list so when you check out you have to deleted all those items and also like you said you can’t add things into your cart that are not in stock or are unavailable.

  • 10/10/11 12:59 stef:

    I still don’t get it…sephora’s shopping list is a wishlist

    • 10/10/11 13:03 the Muse:

      you can’t add out of stock or unavailable items to it stef.