Tarina Tarantino Beauty Dollskin Cheek Palette

Tarina Tarantino Beauty Dollskin Cheek Palette 001

Tarina I can’t be held responsible for wanting to kiss you on the mouth for creating uber brilliant blush palettes.

Your Dollskin Cheek Palette? It’s stupid awesome. Everyone needs it.


I happen to think that the world revolves around Tarina Tarantino Beauty Dollskin Blush in Parasol.

Loves it hard.

If you don’t already own Parasol or any of the blushes from Tarina’s collection, here’s your chance to come away with four of ‘em! Full size baby! (So sorry, Sephora lists as full size but these are not full size. Regardless it’s still a fab deal imho!)

This slim line palette contains four, full size Dollskin Blushes in:

  • Candy Cameo (shimmery pink)
  • Feather (shimmery peach)
  • Carved Rose (cool vivid pink)
  • Parasol (shimmery pink/ peach)

Tarina Tarantino Beauty Dollskin Cheek Palette 002

Best part? The lovely $45 price tag versus a single blush that will set you back $25! Oh the savings make me sob in joy.

Loves this palette.

I’m going to say you need it!

Available at Sephora.com

  • 10/19/11 20:44 Tammie:

    Yes! A blush only palette! Crud! I have to rearrange my Sephora cart now! haha


  • 10/19/11 20:45 Tammie:

    Wah! It says “not in stock”! Will it come back then, or has it not been released yet or something? T_T


    • 10/19/11 23:18 the Muse:

      dont worry tam positive it will be in stock shortly ;-D they always do that when they put out new products :D


  • 10/19/11 20:54 olivia:

    This is great! too bad I already own both the full size of parasol and feather. I have them in the older packaging though with the pink and crystal rhinestones around it. Were you able to try any of these shades?


    • 10/19/11 23:19 the Muse:

      I have most of the shades too olivia ;-D darn I’d have liked the palette ;-D How are you liking the new packaging?


  • 10/19/11 21:28 Marina:

    Dang girl! You’re posting A LOT today!
    This looks absolutely lovely!


    • 10/19/11 23:17 the Muse:

      ha was a busy release day marina ;D!


  • 10/19/11 22:47 haley:

    wow! i’ve never used any of her products, but i’m loving these colors(: and it’s kind of hard to resist a $55 saving!


  • 10/19/11 22:57 Kristen:

    This is gorgeous, I have Parasol and use it really often. I’m thinking I’ll need to get two of these – one for me and one for baby sister!


    • 10/19/11 23:17 the Muse:

      GREAT gift kristen ;D


  • 10/19/11 23:16 chibi:

    can i just say..i love your blog! i always come home to see your new updates (before i check my emails, mind you) and you always crack me up! i’m glad that i somehow bumped into your blog and know im not alone in makeup obssesion.


    • 10/19/11 23:17 the Muse:

      awwwwwww thank you chibi! I’m glad to have you visiting with me daily! You are ALL like my extended family! Hugs!


      • 10/21/11 0:19 chibi:



        • 10/21/11 9:28 the Muse:

          <3! right back atcha!


  • 10/20/11 7:52 Sara:

    While I love the palette (and am contemplating it), it should be noted that these are not, in fact, full size. Full size is .2 oz, while these are .12 each (just over half-size). Just thought I’d point that out. :-) Love the blog, BTW!


    • 10/20/11 8:20 the Muse:

      eep thanks sara was reading the details and it said “full size blushes” yak! but still in awesome deal. Thanks for updating!


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