Ulta 20% Off Friends and Family 2011 Coupon Code

Ulta’s Friends and Family event has started (10/23-10/29).

Simply use promo code 18593 and you’ll happily get 20% Off your total order! It seems like this is on most products but a few brands such as Lancome are sadly excempt from it.

Shop it at Ulta.com


  • 10/26/11 10:59 LollySue:

    As usual for Ulta, this coupon excludes fragrance, hair artistry brands, prestige cosmetics, including Lancome, Bare Essentials, prestige skincare, Dermalogica, Clarisonic, Thermaclear, and Philosophy products. So basically, you cannot use it on most of the pricey items that you would like to/need to have 20% off to justify buying. I should also note that Butter London products are also always excluded from coupons.


    • 10/26/11 11:00 the Muse:

      mm someone had said alot of those items were included well jeepers that stinks :-/


      • 10/26/11 12:27 Laura:

        This is the yearly 20% off prestige makeup included – I get it every year.


        • 10/26/11 20:40 Aging_Beauty:

          I just tried it for BE foundation and Mineral Veil…..no go.



    • 10/26/11 11:27 Megan:

      I just got my 20% off coupon in the mail yesterday and the only exemptions it states: “Not valid on fragrance, Lancome, Dermalogica, Benefit Brow Bar Services and Clearance.” That’s it. Normally it says Bare Escentuals, hair artistry brands, Philosophy, yadda yadda — a lot more exclusions.
      Also, on the coupon itself, it says “20% off everything including your favorites” and pictured directly beneath that statement are products by Smashbox, Urban Decay, Tarte, Butter London, Bare Minerals, Philosophy and Benefit.
      Don’t skip out on this coupon assuming it is like the other crappy Ulta coupons! They issue these a couple times a year to rewards program members. There are still exceptions, yes, but FAR fewer exceptions than usual.


    • 10/26/11 11:53 Megan:

      I should probably add, though, that the mailed coupon says it’s good in-store only, and the sale is Oct. 29-Nov. 5.


  • 10/26/11 11:05 LollySue:

    If you click for more details, it gives the info I included above, which is on their flyer coupons as well. I also asked instore and the asst mngr that I talked to said that the Ulta coupons almost always exclude the items listed, whether instore or online only. However, I will say that it’s great that Ulta takes manufacturer’s coupons, and still takes off their own coupons on top as well. I bought an eclos product that was 15.00, but I had a manufacturer’s coupon for $5 off which made it 10.00, and they still let me use an Ulta 20% off one product coupon for an extra $2 off, so that it only cost me $8.


    • 10/26/11 11:09 the Muse:

      lolly sue that stinks! I know they normally exclude ALOT of items from their sales but a reader was saying that during FF this year that many of those exclusions were included. def grateful for the coupons but always a damn shame they exclude so many things from the sale!


  • 10/26/11 11:07 Noelle:

    I’m going there to get a new blow dryer,as I have found my hair likes ‘hot tools’. =)

    To bad about the Butter London,since last week they had a buy 2 get 1free.


    • 10/26/11 11:13 LollySue:

      That’s how I found out that they are excluded from coupons, as I did the B2G1 and I tried to use a coupon too, becuse you can when purchasing Essie and OPI, but no go.


  • 10/26/11 12:23 Sara:

    I will say the flyer that came in the mail only excluded Lacome, some kind of Brow Bar, and….shit, I can’t remember what else. it’s in the car. Anyway, it’s lacking the normal “prestige brands” tag line that the coupons usually have. Even the online 20% email sent to me has those exclusions. I intend to try it at the store, anyway, when it’s good (29th-….some time in November).

    The online code definitely excludes all the fancy stuff that one would normally like to have a discount on. I tried the taste lip surgence kit just for fun and it won’t work.

    I like that they accept manufacturer’s coupons, and have their own store coupons regularly, it would just be nice to get a break on those “prestige brands” like Sephora does. Though last year a friend had a 20% off coupon that worked on UD’s naked palette so…yay! I just think you have to be mailed those, they don’t give out codes online, or make it available in the online store.


    • 10/26/11 12:27 the Muse:

      That’s exactly what another reader said Sarah!!


      • 10/26/11 12:37 LollySue:

        I just found the 20% off coupon that I got in the mail last week from Ulta and Sara is right, it only says “not valid on Lancome, Fragrance, Dermalogica, Benefit Brow Bar services, and clearance merchandise”, and also, “some other exclusions may apply”. I am definitely going to try it on Clarisonic and UD before it expires, as mine is good from 10/22/11 – 10/29/11.


        • 10/26/11 12:54 the Muse:

          awesome Lolly! That’s what I had heard so was surprised when you commented and said nay :( good luck :)!


          • 10/26/11 20:44 LollySue:

            The coupon above is the online only, which is where I selected “click for details” and it had all of the exceptions that I originally listed. Apparently, the 20% off flyer that they send in mail is less restrictive, and I am guessing it goes to rewards members.

      • 10/26/11 19:12 Sara:

        Yeah, I’m late to the party. As usual. :p


  • 10/26/11 12:29 Laura:

    I used my points I had aquired – got $30 off and 20% off, hauled TF Pored & Primeless and some Tarte eyeshadows, and some Hope in a Jar for the Hubby. (I had already hauled $250 worth of stuff at Sephora!)


    • 10/26/11 12:57 the Muse:

      NICE laura ;-D sweet hauling girl!


  • 10/26/11 14:06 lesleyk:

    Yeah, I’m super bummed ’cause I want the UD travel pencil sets and a Too Faced gloss, and all of those are excluded. Scratch “bummed” — I’m annoyed.


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