Victoria’s Secret Holiday Makeup Collection for Holiday 2011

Ahhh Victoria’s Secret never fails to disappoint during the Holidays! Rather than one collection this year, they gift us with two separate Holiday Collections.

Sweet eh?

Jump ahead and let’s peep the first Victoria’s Secret Holiday 2011 Makeup Collection!

Victoria’s Secret Holiday Collection Deluxe Eye Palette (Cool) ($26)
Five shimmering shadows in one gorgeous palette plus get the look instructions!

Victoria’s Secret Holiday Collection Deluxe Eye Palette (Warm) ($26)
Five shimmering shadows in one gorgeous palette plus get the look instructions!

Victoria’s Secret Holiday Collection Color Lust Lip Lacquer ($14)
Vinyl-finish gloss drenches lips in rich color and mirror-like shine thanks to an innovative combination of ultra-reflective pearls and shimmering pigments.


  • Red
  • Nude
  • Pink

Victoria’s Secret Holiday Collection Luminous Face Powder Gems ($22)

Luminous powder spheres brighten your look for a sultry, jewel-like glow.

Whatcha think?

I love the design here…very seductive. I was an ickle disappointed with Fall 2011’s Eyeshadow Palette but as soon as I heard shimmer I perked up! Might have to check out the warm shadow palette.

Anything capturing your fancy?

Available now at Victoria’s Secret.

  • 10/21/11 14:39 Tammie:

    I don’t need any more random eyeshadow palettes (reserving that for MUST HAVE items as I love neutrals and I am not a huge eye girl in general) but I am kind of interested in the “gems” because I want to try that pearl/meteorite idea but I am not sold on finishing powders…we’ll see.


  • 10/21/11 14:57 katrosado:

    The packaging is so pretty! These look like great stocking stuffers!


  • 10/21/11 15:01 HautePJ:

    Packaging is TDF!


  • 10/21/11 15:17 kiwikiwidragon:

    Love these and I have been good with VS quality as well. These look awesome!


  • 10/21/11 15:34 Laura:

    Maybe that’s the palette I need for Brown Smokey Eye (warm)?


  • 10/21/11 15:36 Sarah S.:

    Packagin WIN but more than I want to pay for VS makeup…


  • 10/21/11 15:41 JoJo:

    Love the packaging and the warm Eye Palette


  • 10/21/11 17:12 divinem (Melissa):

    LOVE the packaging but I’m officially a MUFE whore, so . . .


  • 10/21/11 19:13 Courtney:

    Kinda diggin the face powder


  • 10/21/11 20:32 Beauty and the Scientist:

    Very nice sexy packaging.


  • 10/21/11 21:31 kaydee:

    The packaging makes me want to get these even though I KNOW better LOL.


  • 10/21/11 21:45 Cait:

    i’m obsessed with the palette packaging, but VS quality has always been a bust for me, considering the price. I could go to Sephora and get eyeshadow for the same price. It’s a shame though, because the packaging is calling my name lol


  • 10/22/11 8:13 Maria:

    Gorgeous packaging!! I’m kind of interested in the cool palette and those pearls….if they don’t make me look like a disco ball. Will have to check them out.


  • 10/23/11 2:21 TokyoChel:

    How chic would you look pulling that pretty gloss out of your purse for a touch-up? :) Love the packaging. Can’t wait to swatch everything when it come out.


  • 10/23/11 13:53 Joy August:

    So speechless when I see this packaging. and really for the holidays.


  • 10/23/11 16:49 Nora:

    Oh, Muse! I *just* bought Guerlain’s meteorites from Sephora’s F&F, *then* realized I might really prefer the limited edition holiday ones so I got them (free shipping) from nordstrom *then* you post these gems! Luckily, stores have good return policies these days. lol. Gotta love cheaper dupes!! I’ll go immediately tomorrow to find these.


    • 10/24/11 15:29 the Muse:

      awww nora ;-D thank gawd for great return policies ;-D!


  • 11/9/11 9:19 Nora:

    Muse, Muse! So I set a calendar reminder so I could keep an eye out for when these shimmering beads would arrive. They’re GONE from the VS website. ::cries:: Any news?


    • 11/9/11 9:22 the Muse:

      not sure nora?! they are in store though. I’ve seen them in my shops!


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