Way Too Much Tech For Me!

I”m finding that the Rebel T3 isn’t seeing the light of day nearly as much as my PowerShot S95….

It’s proving a little too much camera for me, I’ve packed it up and I’m considering sending it back to Amazon but I’ll probably change my mind in the AM!

What cam do you use?

  • 10/3/11 21:52 Sara:

    Aww, Muse! Don’t give up! I have faith in you!

    I, myself, have no awesome possum camera. I had a little point n’ shoot guy that got jacked up last year and hasn’t been replaced yet. But I know photographers and can appreciate a digital slr in the right hands. :) All you need is light (well, ok, you need a poopload more, like some basic ability to frame a shot, color balance, post-process, trouble-shoot, etc…but it *sounds* better when you say “all you need is light, and lots of it.”). I have no basic skills in photography, and am entirely too unmotivated to search them out. But good luck to you, madam. 😀


    • 10/4/11 9:13 the Muse:

      thanks sara ;-D I need some confidence with this thing! As geeky as I am it doesn’t extend to photography ;-D lol!


  • 10/3/11 23:48 Bailey:

    ooh! fancy!

    I used to use a powder shot too, but I recently got a FujiFilm FinePix HS 20 and love it! There is a bit of a learning curve, but it is pretty user friendly once you play around a bit.


    • 10/4/11 9:14 the Muse:

      that’s def what I need to do Bailey ;-D play, ALOT :)


  • 10/4/11 9:28 kiwikiwidragon:

    DH has a Canon D, we call her Cam-era and we call my makeup cart Fernando. LOL!! There is definitely a learning curve, there are some great tutorials online, but I bet you knew that ;-).
    it would be worth it to stick it out but I can totally understand the lack of time to learn. There are also some great P and Ss that would suit your needs for the blog, but holiday snaps and other photos, it might prove better for.


    • 10/10/11 16:02 the Muse:

      ha you named your camera and makeup cart case LOL you rock ;-D I def been reading up! I’m sticking it out and hoping I can pick up some good skills from all the tuts I’ve been reading ;D!


  • 10/4/11 9:32 Cj:

    My iPhone is good enough for my camera needs lol 😛


    • 10/4/11 10:51 the Muse:

      ha wish I could say the same!


  • 10/4/11 14:22 Courtney:

    I’m a Nikon girl all the way. I have a little D3000 that I adore.


    • 10/4/11 14:23 the Muse:

      i don’t think I’ve ever owned a nikon…….AK tempts me ;D


  • 10/4/11 16:05 Soo:

    nooo! don’t give up! never surrender! Muse, hwaiting!!

    it’s currently a little past 4 pm the day after you posted this, hope you decided to keep your cam! if I ever make my way to New York(?) I’d be happy to make a homemade lightbox with you! :)


    • 10/6/11 11:41 the Muse:

      I did soo ;-D ha 😀 I’m still trying hard to figure it all out I’m not giving up yet! Aw thank you, that’s VERY sweet of you! I actually have a lightbox….I think I might be over doing the light lately ;-D haha…! I need to learn how to white balance just right to get the crisper images :-/


      • 10/6/11 22:01 Soo:

        oh right, I knew that! I think I just got excited from the prospect of meeting, haha. on a serious note, would you do that though? is it weird of me to ask? do you meet up with readers?! lol.. I don’t know much about pro cams, let alone Canon ones, but I’d bring my bf along who is a professional photog and he’d totally teach you helpful tips! :)


        • 10/7/11 15:29 the Muse:

          we should meet where in ny are you? ;-D you can give me cam tips, will pay in makeup lol! ;-D I’ve met up with two readers, I’ve also met up with bloggers as well, like Christine (temptalia) :) It’s great fun meeting people you’ve talked to for so long on the internet ;-D! <3!!!!!!!!!!! I could use all the HELP I can get!


          • 10/7/11 16:52 Soo:

            I live in MD, unfortunately. I do want to make my way up to NY sometime though! it is so cool that you’ve met Christine! I really admire you both for the dedication you put into your blogs. the longer I follow beauty blogs, the more I want to meet the people behind them. I would love to meet you :)

          • 10/10/11 15:58 the Muse:

            do tell me when you in the area would love to see you! Christine and I are friends for a few years now so it was nice finally seeing her in person! aw thank you, you’re too kind!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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