Beauty Story Platinum Gold Leaf Anti-Aging Eye Mask Review

You’ve heard plenty about my obsession concerning Asian Sheet Masks but not alot about my other passion, Asia Eye Masks.

Eye Masks are along the same vein as a sheet mask since most are made of a thin cotton-like fiber which is saturated with a formula that treats puffiness, brightens the eye area, etc…

Beauty Story Platinum Gold Leaf Anti-Aging Eye Mask supposedly contains gold foil…why do I doubt that?

Let’s take a look!

This actually strays outside the norm as traditionally masks like this are made of a cotton fiber however you run into the occasional clear jelly-like masks such as these. Each box contains 5 sets of individually wrapped masks.

The masks are a half moon shape and are clear and have a jelly-like feel. These are really slippery and wet yet still adhere nicely to my eye area, since they are so wet I feared they would slide down my face but no issues here.

The masks are loaded with hyaluronic acid and glycerine plus gold foil which supposedly helps activate and revitalize skin with anti-aging benefits.

You can apply and leave these on for about 15-30 minutes.

The end result isn’t wow aspiring. Eyes look brighter and are gently hydrated but I don’t feel like they aid in puffiness or make skin firmer. I also have pretty dry eyes so although these hydrate a little, they don’t cure my issues with my terribly dry skin. They prove a nice treat for soothing tired eyes but if you’re looking for superior results you probably won’t get them here.

I got these while on my Summer vacation but I’ve seen boxes around the Internet for around $10-$15.

What’s your relief for dry, tired eyes?


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 11/15/11 21:45 Anthea Villanueva:

    The “Anti-Aging” part made me interested 😛 Pity that the moisturizing and tightening effects aren’t that impressive. You would’ve thought that an anti-aging product would be richer.


  • 11/15/11 22:05 Licheenut:

    Thanks for the review Muse! Can you recommend some products (masks, creams, *anything*) that have given you better results? I have dry eyes too.


    • 11/16/11 10:34 the Muse:

      hi lichee I have alot of suggestions/recs in the archives simply look under “facial sheet masks” “eye cream reviews” and “skincare reviews” using the left hand column hun. I have a ton of recs/reviews and approvals for items I like for dry eyes!


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