Benefit Cosmetics Friends and Family 2011 20% Off Coupon Code

Hey girls!

You know how rare it is for Benefit to have a sale which is why you should take full advantage of the one week Benefit Cosmetics Friends and Family Event which entitles you to 20% Off your total order at

Simply use promo code LOVEYALL on any order to get 20% Off the total.


  • 11/8/11 10:51 Jenny:

    It´s such a shame that the international shipping on the Benefit´s website has increased so much! I remember a couple of months ago the international shipping was only 8 dollars for one item, now they charge $18,95 for one single item! I don´t think I could use the code this time, so sad because I wanted the They´re real mascara so bad!!!


  • 11/8/11 11:55 Cj:

    Awesome, I’ve been meaning to try out some of benefits stuff :) so I already got my order set, I just can’t decide which blush to get :(. Coralista or Sugarbomb, from the reviews/swatches I read their basically the same but Sugarbomb is a lot more sheer. Any ideas?


    • 11/8/11 12:46 the Muse:

      coralista or bella bamba are well worth a haul, sugarbomb not my fav, very sheer and uneventful! also lemon aid, it’s my HG!!!!!!!!! ;-D


      • 11/8/11 12:57 Cj:

        Hmm maybe I’ll get the powda wowza, that has coralista and bamba :D!


        • 11/8/11 12:59 Cj:

          Wait nvm… Out of stock :( FML.

          Screw it, I’ll just get both of them in their regular sizes.


        • 11/8/11 13:00 the Muse:

          you can wait, it’s a week long event, they might restock ;-D!


  • 11/10/11 23:17 Eline:

    hi muse

    i tried to order with the code for an international order but it didnt take off the 20% …. i thought its for any order ?
    PS i didnt order any holiday sets … just normal stuff


    • 11/11/11 14:18 the Muse:

      sorry eline…I’m not sure about International orders…just US ones, perhaps contact Benefit and ask?


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