Benefit Hervana at Sephora Soon

Sephora is gearing up for Hervana’s big release on 12/5.

It’s already on their site so you can head over to and sign up for an alert to remind you to purchase it on 12/5.


  • 11/30/11 21:09 Aimee:

    OMGYES. Maybe this means I won’t have to order exclusively from Benefit… and I can just get it at Sephora. /lazy.


  • 11/30/11 21:10 Aimee:

    Oh BTW Muse! Are you excited for the Who Christmas special? 😀


  • 12/2/11 8:26 EsteeDarla:

    Now this is something I know I will have to get


  • 12/2/11 12:46 Kimryan8:

    Want want want want want want


  • 12/2/11 13:37 Jillian:

    love Sephora so much


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