Benefit Ticket to Glossytown Review, Swatches, Photos

I think I need a nap.

My butt is dragging. I’ve been getting up an hour early so I can play Arkham City, yeah, I’m a little addicted. What’s your gaming pleasure at the moment? I also have the Sim’s Pets I need to install, gawd another corny expansion pack? Someone save us.

I think a review of the new Benefit Ticket to Glossytown should get me back in gear as I need all the awake time I can get, there simply aren’t enough hours in my day to deal with my office, my life, and my blog. Phew!


Won’t you take me to Glossytown, won’t you take me to Glosssyyytown.

Ticket to Glossytown is Benefit’s traditional Holiday Lipgloss Set. It includes six mini glosses in a range of shades for $24. Formula wise the gloss isn’t too thin nor is it too thick so it falls right in the middle of perfect for me. It glides on lips beautifully without applying patchy or dry and has a slick, glossy finish and in some cases you’ll find many of the shades in the set offers full color payoff! I like the formula since it wears comfortably well and long.

It does have a few little quirks that you have to jump over though. You get six glosses here but I only found three of them wearable. This isn’t a bad thing as it’s all about your personal color preferences.

You get:

  • Lipgloss in So Frisk Me (gilded berry)
  • Nudie-Tude (goldspun twist)
  • Spiked Punch (vibrant coral)
  • Kiss You (clear fuchsia)
  • Life On The A List (bubble gum pink)
  • Foxy Lady (diamond rose)

My problem was Kiss You wasn’t a shade of purple I could rock and the cream finish on it plus Life on the A List and Spiked Punch wasn’t entirely flattering on me sadly. Which left me with three wearable shades. If you can’t wear shades like these the kit might not be for you. The other shades in the collection I enjoyed but I was down nearly 50% of the set once I weeded through the wearable shades. I do think these shades are kinda difficult to pull off for many in my opinion.

My second beef with the collection is the smaller 0.1 oz size of each gloss. In a sea of Holiday Lipgloss Sets, Ticket to Glossytown can get lost among contenders that have similar price tags and either offer more variety in their sets or bigger sizes.

Benefit Ticket to Glossytown will prove a must have for Benefit girls I’m sure however it does have a few hurdles to jump over to gain the interest of hardcore beauty junkies!

Did you snatch it up?

Want to?

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  • 11/1/11 18:56 Sara:

    Totally uninterested in more lipgloss (is it ok to be burnt out?), but did wanna pop in and be all “omg, you playz the bidea gamez?!” When do you have time for that? Oh, wait….you said so already. Seriously, that is is some crazy dedication to wake up an hour early for it. I can’t wake up early for *anything*. You could promise me a baby hippo if I could get up early every day for five days and I *still* couldn’t do it. :p

    I’m a casual gamer – in that it’s rare games catch my fancy – and I’m slow and *terrible*. Played Red Dead Redemption (LOVE!! Didn’t finish it though, since the boy was first and I saw how it ended. :( So I got as far as I could without finishing lame) last year around this time. Then started Rage early last month. Haven’t picked it up in two weeks, but that’s because I’m mad about moving on to disc two prematurely.

    We’re going to get Arkham City too! Based entirely on the reviews being so freaking positive. Well, the boy will likely be the only one playing it. I have a hard time with super hero games. Unless it’s super mario. In which case I’m all up in that. Mario Kart is the shiz.


    • 11/2/11 9:46 the Muse:

      LOL Sara….! i don’t really have the time to spare to be completely honest but I def love me some gaming ;-D and AC is turning out rather wicked ;-D I think you guys will like! Sadly when I start I want to finish so it’s hard to put it down until I’ve completed it ;-D my otaku good nature demands I finish it ;-D


      • 11/2/11 12:03 Sara:

        Aww, I envy that enthusiasm! Last game I was a maniac to finish was Super Mario Bros. Wii. I bullied people into playing with me until it was finished. :p I think it was traded away when I was done? Should look, cuz now I feel like playing it again!

        Picked up Rage again last night after reading about you playing AC and knowing I won’t get a chance to play the xbox for a few days after it shows up here….omg….two weeks is too long to go. The boy actually got nauseous watching me flail about. So sad.

        I’m a diehard Mario Kart fanatic, at heart, and haven’t missed one since the SNES. Up until recently I played MKWii every single night before going to bed. Now that the temps are dropping I head to bed early and play. Sometimes online.

        Sounds like you need a good long holiday of doing nothing but playing games and eating leftover Halloween candy!


        • 11/2/11 15:42 the Muse:

          LOL sara I like the bullied people to play with you lmao!

          Awww <3! damn men ;-D I don't really like MK tbh, it makes me feel sicky! Not really my speed either ;-D HELLS YES can you arrange that?!


          • 11/2/11 20:10 Sara:

            lol, yeah Mario isn’t exactly…. adult speed. But I lurves him anyway. 😀

            Those new-fangled fancy pants games kill me with the controls. I have to use *two* joy sticks just to walk around?! :p

            Well….Thanksgiving is coming up. We’ll forgive you for taking a week off. 😉

          • 11/3/11 15:40 the Muse:

            I still have an snes and an nes ;-D so yeah mario was apart of my gaming life ;-D ohhhhh yes ;-D and eat myself into a coma ;D

  • 11/1/11 20:06 Eva Sofia:

    Hola Muse!

    Lovely review as always!

    I was about to get this set but I also have a beef with the size of the glosses, so I didn’t get them.

    By the way, I didn’t know you are a gamer gurl! that’s sweet…I’m a gamer too… we should do some online gaming 😀


    • 11/2/11 9:36 the Muse:

      thanks miss eva :) size was a bit iffy for me and the color selection :( too bright on the creams. I love the formula of these glosses so much! but def wish they were bigger with a warmer shade selection available ;-D

      I’d love it! :) I haven’t had time lately but I’m a big w0w girl ;-D so maybe we can hook up one day! Have you played AC yet? It’s amazing!


      • 11/2/11 12:12 Eva Sofia:

        I hear ya on the glosses…the formula is so good but yeah…with that size I would probably finish them really fast (I eat my gloss so I have to reapply like 20 times a day) lol.

        I love WoW too!! I stopped playing because it was too absorbing and time consuming.

        AC is awesome! I’ve played some parts of it, but I think I might play the whole thing now that I have time…I was kinda running like a chicken without a head for a while, hahaha too much things to do!

        Do you like Left4Dead? Gears?


        • 11/2/11 12:37 the Muse:

          ha story of my life! I ingest gloss and balm crazily ;-D I wish I had more time for it, but it really is time consuming, you seriously need to have no life to really contribute tfully to WOW lol! ha..tell me about it, it really is pretty feature rich. No on gears but left4dead hells to the yes!


          • 11/2/11 13:44 Eva Sofia:

            We need to get our online gaming going on then! yay!!! Left4dead!! its so much fun… I know it sounds weird but killing zombies is so relaxing hahahaha 😀

          • 11/2/11 15:34 the Muse:

            I’d love it. Tweet me up sometime ;-D zombies are people too, don’t get cruel ;-D I totes know what you mean ;-D plus I love being terrified and having stuff jump out at me ;-D

  • 11/2/11 10:58 Susan K:

    Glad now I deleted this from F&F cart. Still might haul later if it goes on sale after holidays.


  • 11/2/11 11:29 Majick:

    I won’t be getting this but I will say that the purple reminds me of a Smashbox color I have that I wear over a SB Guava pencil type lippie and it looks gorgeous. It seems like a weird combo but somehow it really works.


    • 11/2/11 15:42 the Muse:

      interesting majick I have that pencil stashed away somewhere gonna try ;D!


  • 11/2/11 15:07 Lily:

    This review is the best of both worlds. I’m both a lip gloss & video game junkie!

    I am losing sleep over Arkham City, it’s so good! Plus, Mark Hamill as the Joker? Doesn’t get any better than that!


    • 11/2/11 15:25 the Muse:

      hahah you too lily!? I’ve been getting up early to play it! LOL! P.S. uber nerd moment did you hear MH will be on Chuck as a villain this season!? OMG!


    • 11/2/11 15:38 Eva Sofia:

      Agree! Mark Hamill is and will always be the voice of the Joker… he is awesome and brings so much realness to the character.


  • 11/2/11 15:08 Eve:

    Oh! Oh! I’m playing Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS , Radiata Stories for the PS2, with occasional Warhammer Online with the fiance and a friend. I’m a JRPG nerd and yes, I do have the time! Haha!


    • 11/2/11 15:24 the Muse:

      I wish I did eve. spare a few hours for a poor girl like me please? Shave them off your day? add them to mine?


      • 11/2/11 16:52 Eve:

        Girl, I most def would if I could!


        • 11/2/11 16:53 the Muse:

          I <3!


  • 11/3/11 21:32 Sara:

    You still have your nes and snes?? Jealous! I have no idea what happened to either of those things. They just kind of….disappeared…when I turned 18 and moved out. Also miss the sega and sometimes the 64. There were some fun times with all those guys. Right before things got bigger, better, and more expensive.

    Dood. Do you have (or have you played) Maniac Mansion? That was one of my favorites and I keep waiting for it to be released on the Wii as a download.


    • 11/4/11 9:01 the Muse:

      an an atari and a commadore 64 and a Lisa that still boots LOL ;-D my attic is a graveyard of old tech. I have a sega but it sadly doesn’t work anymore lol! omg yes. I’d totes buy that if they re-released ;D!


      • 11/4/11 11:45 Sara:

        That’s it! I’m coming over! Catchin’ the next flight out of this awesome-less land and in to your gaming center. :p

        Yes! I knew like three people who were familiar with MM and I’m one of them! Now I can add 4! Yes! The intertubes, bringing people together. lol I can’t even look at an Edsel without thinking of MM. And octopus arms? Fuggedaboutit.


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