Biore Make-Up Remover Gel Review

Sigh it’s such sadness we don’t get nearly half the Biore Collection here in the US. The Eastern market features a range of not only skincare but even shower gels and soaps….

Damn shame we get around 7 or 8 products and that’s about it.

Biore Make-Up Remover Gel is one product you won’t find in drugstores here in the US but you might want to track it down if you have a larger Asian community in your city.

Check it!

This is a makeup remover gel that has a fresh, clean scent. This is a heavier gel formula that you massage onto your dry face and proceed to follow up by rinsing with lukewarm water.

The product kinda acts like a cleansing oil but in a gel format and does an incredible job of getting off even the most stubborn makeup. It does feel kinda of sticky and heavy as you massage it on, almost as if you’ll have issues getting it off but it rinses clean away without stripping skin or leaving behind tight skin.

The pump squeezes just the right amount of product out without creating a mess as well.

I probably won’t give up good old fashioned cleansing oil for this in all honesty but it’s a great one for getting a good, solid, deep clean without leaving your skin dry!


I got mine for a few bucks at a beauty shop in Flushing but you can get it online for relatively cheap. I’d recommend if you want a quickie way to remove your makeup!

  • 11/10/11 1:01 sukipooki:

    Thanks for the review, seems like a great product! I’ll be keeping my eyes out for this during my trip in HK! =D


    • 11/10/11 14:38 the Muse:

      my pleasure suki ;D


  • 11/10/11 3:13 Ashley:

    At first, I mistook this for shaving cream cause the tube & nozzle is similar 😛
    I agree though, we don’t get enough of the GOOD Biore stuff. Unfairrrrr D:


    • 11/10/11 12:33 the Muse:

      true! ;-D sigh we get NOTHING here…8 products at the most?


  • 11/10/11 9:28 JoElla:

    I wish they would offer more of the non USA versions here.


  • 8/16/13 9:46 Fried Tofu:

    Where do you find your products in Flushing? New World Mall? I never really bought skincare and makeup stuff until recently, I’ve always just used whatever is in the house. I would love to get some shop locations where I can start buying products!


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