Bobbi Brown Bobbi’s Party Eau de Parfum Review

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Bobbi’s new Party Parfum but I was thinking along the lines of Lush Snowshowers or perhaps a little Philosophy Bubbly, you know, sparkling, effervescent…that’s my thoughts of a party fragrance!

Turns out Bobbi’s Party Eau de Parfum is none of those things but it is interesting and quite unique to say the least.

Let’s peek it!

Violet notes your BFF? Well, Bobbi’s Party is for you! This is dominated by the crisp freshness of violet leaves. I find the violet leaves overtake the fragrance and create a warm, inviting base for the other floral notes in the blend. I personally love violet so I was unexpectedly surprised upon first spritz having gone into that initial mist without knowing what to expect from the fragrance at all.

You’ll get a mellow, powdery dry down that features rose petals and touches of sandalwood but the initial violet leaves remain present here but are a touch more softer.

For some reason it reminds me a touch of Lush Bathos, don’t get the wrong idea though they are entirely different fragrances but the strong violet just gives me Lushie vibes.

I personally love this one but it probably won’t appeal to everyone. It is a heavier floral, best suited for evening wear. If you’re going into a purchase blindfolded and expect something of a sparkling party blend it might prove disappointing but if you’re looking for a sophisticated, glamorous floral fragrance, Bobbi’s Party is your girl!

Smelled it and love it?


Smelled it and really didn’t love on it?

Tell me about it!

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  • 11/16/11 9:28 Christina:

    I happened to be in Nordies when the BB counter got all of the new holiday items incl this and the SA let me test it. Oh my gosh, I thought it smelled horrible – reminded me of old lady smell w/ funeral home flowers mixed in. I couldn’t get home and wash my arm and change my shirt fast enough.


    • 11/16/11 9:42 the Muse:

      yup, it’s DEF mature and not for everyone Christina ;-D I normally don’t like florals, but this I liked, thought it was unique but I do get the funeral home vibe LOL morbid but true!


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