Bobbi Brown Eye Luxe Palette 7 Piece Collection

Hey, someone talk me out of the Bobbi Brown Eye Luxe Palette Collection k?

I don’t need more palettes in my life but ohhh it’s so tempting!

And P.S. So far, Amazon Fire sucks…!



  • Matte Eye Shadows in Navajo (creamy pinkish white) and Cement (a gray-beige)
  • Sparkle Eye Shadows in Onyx (black-gray) and Twinkle (diamond-silver shade)
  • Metallic Eye Shadows in Amethyst (royal blue-purple) and Thistle (golden beige)
  • Bobbi Brown Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara in Black
  • Mini Eye Shadow Brush
  • Mini Angled Eye Shadow Brush
  • Mini Smudge Brush
  • Mini Eyeliner Brush
  • Bag

Shivers! I just love the shades here, very festive for the Holiday!

The set is $100 with Free Shipping at

P.S. My Kindle Fire came in the mail and I’m so incredibly disappointed after playing with. Did anyone get it? Any beef with it? Personally I hate the carousel feature and of course, the android OS is so incredibly laggy but on the upside and the only reason I’m considering keeping it is it’s been rooted already!

Thoughts if anyone hauled it?

  • 11/16/11 12:59 Mary the Muse Militant:

    Muse, you SO need this palette ! BUY BUY BUY !
    Time to get our own back as we are so tempted to buy all the fab items you recommend LOL.
    I would love a Kindle or any reader, but haven’t bought one yet :(
    I know I’d not like the carasol feature. Just something that would bug me so much. Good taht it’s rooted :)


    • 11/16/11 13:28 the Muse:

      yes yes yes…wait…I said to support me in saying no! You are NOT helping! ;-D if you’re a big reader you should indulge ;-D naaa it sucks….hopefully someone finds a way around it. and amen for root! jailbreak that mutha!


  • 11/16/11 14:29 Rachel:

    Nothing on the fire, but my kindle touch is made of awesome and sparkles.


    • 11/16/11 14:30 the Muse:

      lol awesome I’m happy to hear it rachel ;D!


  • 11/16/11 22:59 nicolle:

    Pass! Don’t buy any of them! Give your other eye shadows some love and attention…they are getting jealous and neglected!! :-)


    • 11/18/11 16:07 the Muse:

      lol thanks nicolle true story ;D!


  • 11/17/11 2:16 Melissa:

    i soooo what the kindle fire. ive almost pulled they trigger a couple times now … what sucks about it?


    • 11/18/11 15:51 the Muse:

      everything LOL! ;-D just a bad overall device, don’t bother ;-D!


  • 11/17/11 10:16 JenJ:

    You know Bobbi Brown is my weakness so I can’t talk you out of anything. Especially since I bought the smokey eye set that was on the Q the other night. *head palm* Might scoop this up since I have a evil pay oops I mean easy pay offer to use.

    No the the Kindle Fire. I have a Nook Color. Even if I didn’t have it I probably still wouldn’t get it. I figured of the bat it was going to be so so.


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