Bobbi Brown’s Favorite Things at

Forget Oprah’s favorite things…

How about Bobbi’s Favorite Things?

Gilt is featuring a selection of Bobbi Brown’s favorite things today including some exclusive sets.

Of course, this sale isn’t just about Bobbi’s favorite makeup products, it’s about all of Bobbi’s favorite things including the Chucks she wears on her feet.

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I just scored the Feed tote for me and the Party Shimmer Brick for my friend Libs! Weee!

  • 11/9/11 13:03 Ekta:

    Thanks for the reminder. Almost forgot about this but picked up the party shimmer brick and the 20th anniversary lip palette!


    • 11/9/11 13:07 the Muse:

      yay! awesome haul enjoy girl!


  • 11/9/11 13:45 Tammie:

    I wish the Shimmer Brick (not the party one) didn’t come with that brush! I’m super duper interested in Shimmer Bricks (the finish is THE most flattering on me…so i am trying to collect all similar ones, starting with Dior) so I got excited when i saw there was one on Gilt, but the brush makes it more expensive and I don’t even want it darnit! Just had to vent :(


    • 11/9/11 14:10 the Muse:

      purchase on counter sans brush? :)


      • 11/9/11 14:12 Tammie:

        I will, there are like 3-4 I want ugh :) I just meant I wish that since it was on Gilt it was the Shimmer Brick alone for cheaper than retail~.


        • 11/9/11 14:13 the Muse:

          20% Off during FF at Sephora? hehe :)


          • 11/9/11 14:17 Tammie:

            I can’t, I can only afford one thing and I’m going to get the similar Dior shimmer powder, which I’ve been obsessing about for 2 weeks almost! I’ll just be a good girl and get some Shimmer Bricks slowly later :). The price isn’t TOO terrible.

          • 11/9/11 14:25 the Muse:

            which shimmer powder is that? Must go looksz ;-D I have last years version but didn’t even know they had another one doh! I haven’t been giving Dior enough love lately!

  • 11/9/11 14:33 Tammie:

    It’s a permanent thing you probably have the same Dior shimmer powder:


    • 11/9/11 14:43 the Muse:

      OOOOOOOOOOO that one yes ;-D I thought you meant like the beige LE one from last year ;-D that’s a good one btw!


      • 11/9/11 14:53 Tammie:

        Ahh gotcha :). I’m glad to hear you like this one! I can’t wait to get it…I’ve been drooling over it so much lately but I’ve been patient because it’s quite pricey for a powder (for me) so I figured I’d wait until the sale I knew was coming up :). I’m totally addicted to this type of shimmer right now.


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