Chanel Les Harmonies de Printemps for Spring 2012

Here’s a delicious little look at the Chanel Les Harmonies de Printemps for Spring 2012.


Just a note prices, products, and colors are not confirmed. I’ll update when I have official Chanel launch details :)

Chanel Ombre Essentielle ($34) (LE)

  • Tigerlily: orange with flashes of gold
  • Rose de Mai: delicate pink

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Grenat ($29) (LE)

Chanel Les Quatre Ombres in Eclosion ($62) (LE)

  • Peach, Gold, Grey Beige and Intense Plum

Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte in Jasmin ($39) (LE)

  • Luminous Beige Pigmented with Gold

Chanel Blush Horizon in Eclat Douceur ($74) (LE)

Chanel Rouge Coco Baume ($39) (LE)

Chanel Rouge Coco ($39)

  • Paradis: coral pink, fresh and sun-kissed
  • DestinĂ©e: intense and enigmatic plum
  • Chalys: orange coral with shimmering reflections

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine ($39) (LE)

  • Candeur: pastel pink
  • Flirt: tender and vibrant coral

Chanel Levres Scintillantes ($31) (LE)

  • PĂ©tillant: peach with flashes of gold
  • Bagatelle: pink with flashes of silver

Chanel Le Vernis ($27) (LE)

  • April: highly luminous garnet of wild berries
  • May: intense pink
  • June: pastel apricot

I’m loving the Blush Horizon! I must add it to my stash.

Anything for you?

This hits counters in February.

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  • 11/30/11 16:12 S:

    Love that blush, can’t wait to see it in person!!


  • 11/30/11 16:33 Laci:

    Are those US prices? That’s quite a jump for some of the items! Maybe my planned no-buy after the first of the year won’t be so difficult. :/


    • 11/30/11 16:37 the Muse:

      yes laci but not confirmed by chanel as of yet! will keep you posted for the official launch ;D


    • 12/1/11 0:44 kimkats:

      Whoa – I was thinking the same thing! those prices are quite a bit above what tey were teh last time I went to the Chanel counter. If those are going to be their prices from now on, I won’t be going back to the chanel counter either! those are outrageous….


  • 11/30/11 16:47 Ljana:

    Oh, I love that quad! Too bad the picture shows our crappy European baked formula instead of the square pan pressed version you usually get in the States :-( I’ll just have to make do with a couple of lippies and a single eyeshadow or two. Horizon looks great if a little too vibrant for me, though I might get it purely for the sad fact that the name reminds of a mission in Mass Effect 2.


    • 11/30/11 16:58 the Muse:

      lol I heart you! Mission in ME ;reminds you of a beauty product that’s too fab ;D


  • 11/30/11 16:57 Isolde:

    Loving the corals! I’m really looking forward to these shades, especially the glosses and lippies!


  • 11/30/11 17:04 Tiffany:

    My birthday is in june so i must get that june nail polish! & im eyeing that Tigerlily eyeshadow , looks really pretty! I love chanel eyeshadows , even though i only have one in fauve (amazing color!) im obsessed!


  • 11/30/11 17:11 Aimee:

    O.M.G. Everything looks AMAZING. But if it comes in the baked formula it’s a pass. :(


  • 11/30/11 19:51 PJ:

    I like the eyeshadow quad! I was excited for coco balm , but if its just transparent colorless– too pricey!


  • 11/30/11 20:59 nicolle:

    I am going to get the blush possibly but definitely getting June just because that is my birthday month, even though I am not crazy about the color! :) April looks pretty though. Maybe I’ll just get all 3!


  • 12/1/11 6:42 M:

    I am supposed to start my makeup fast today! Til April 2012. But I crumbled when I saw the Blush Horizon and the Rouge Coco!


  • 12/1/11 9:46 NeenaJ:

    The liner looks really interesting.


  • 12/1/11 23:17 Jen:

    I’m going to get April nail polish just because it’s my birth month….but I will get June because it’s so pretty!


  • 12/2/11 9:19 Nia:


    I like it, a bit unusual and not all colors are my cup of tea, but April and the blush are sure.

    Have a great weekend!


  • 12/9/11 8:05 S:

    This collection is on counters now! I picked up the blush yesterday and it’s gorgeous!! It was $58, not $74; still steep but not as bad as I originally thought. You also get a ton of product (15 grams) so it’ll last a very long time.


    • 12/12/11 1:01 mtx:

      yeah I saw it few days ago and I grab the blush too <3
      its quite expensive but its truly beautiful :)
      nice one to have!


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