DuWop Cosmetics 28% Coupon Code Cyber Monday 2011

DuWop has an odd amount off today for Cyber Monday, not 10, not 20, not 30 percent off but 28%…I’ve no idea where that number comes from, the date maybe?

Enjoy 28% Off using code CYBERMONDAY at shop.duwop.com

Might I suggest visiting their vintage section first as they have a few deals that will be even better with the 28% Off!

Off the topic of makeup but Lulu has 30% any order using promo code CYBERMONDAY305, I’m a big fan of Lulu so thought it deserved a mention of you’re a bookworm.

  • 11/28/11 14:09 theflyingpoodle:

    Ha-ha! This made me think of Monk: couldn’t you make it an even 30? You’ll thank me later.
    Thanks for telling us about all these fabulous deals!


    • 11/28/11 14:14 the Muse:

      LOL it’s bothering me, like it would Monk, that it isn’t a full 30…at least it’s an even number right?

      ps you’re most welcome, hope you grabbed some good deals!


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