E.L.F. Studio Large Brush Holder

My brush stash is an ickle messy lately. I normally keep them in vintage art nouveau jars but things are getting a little hairy lately and I’m running out of room.

Bloody Holiday Brush Collections be damned, they just add to the mess!

I’ve decided that my next haul will be a practical E.L.F. Studio Large Brush Holder. I actually like this thing alot but not too keen on the $15 price tag, that’s a bit much for E.L.F.

This is divided into three large compartments for storing brushes. Overall, it’s actually a nice, practical way to store brushes however the price tag and the E.L.F. splashed across it bring down the appeal slightly but hey, a coupon or two added to that total could mean a haul is in my near future.

Available now at www.eyeslipsface.com

  • 11/28/11 19:56 Jenn:

    I actually have this, and it is pretty cool. I got it on a half off coupon code. There are always coupons out there, so don’t pay the full $15!


  • 11/28/11 20:02 Felicia:

    I’m happy you’re back! I missed you over Thanksgiving weekend! I’ve been starving for your beauty posts.


  • 11/28/11 20:24 pilar:

    I bought 3 of the smaller ones of these a year or so ago, they are great for holding brushes and decently priced, you are right about the $15 price tag for E.L.F. I saw this big one and thought “Whoa too much” but then bought 3 smaller cheaper ones, spending $15 anyway…..
    But I recommend them!
    Im still on the look out for something to put inside them to hold the brushes in good (beans, beads…any ideas)


  • 11/28/11 22:03 diane:

    oh this is a good idea! i have my brushes in seperate peanutes Christmas themed pint glasses i got from target! lol


  • 11/28/11 22:09 Phyrra:

    I have it and really like it because it’s black :)


  • 11/28/11 22:17 Jessica Allison:

    why not check out office supply/organizational stores? I bet you can get something similar for less money that doesn’t have a brand name smeared all over the front :)


  • 11/29/11 9:37 Ruth:

    you could always cover up the elf logo with paints, decopague (sp?) or if it’s only on one side, turn it around so the logo faces the back.


    • 11/29/11 9:47 the Muse:

      I think maybe it’s printed on both sides but painting is a good idea ;D!


  • 11/29/11 23:23 Jen:

    Walmart carries brush holders just like this, but without any wording. They’re really nice and only around $7.


  • 11/30/11 0:02 Soo:

    man! I saw this on my RSS feed and came to check out what you had to say and was TOTALLY going to hop on getting it until I saw the price tag.. maybe it’s cause the small ones are 5$? I’ll wait for a coupon, I guess.


    • 11/30/11 0:17 Soo:

      scratch that, I just ordered using their 50% off Cyber Monday code that was still going on. 20$ for the brush holder and some disposable lip gloss wands 😛


  • 11/30/11 3:00 Jennifer:

    You could always use the ELF logo as an organization tool. Put eye brushes or even eyeliners on the eye side, lip products/brushes in the middle and lastly face brushes.


  • 11/30/11 11:11 Kristin:

    I have this and love it! The ELF is only printed on one side so I keep it facing towards the back. I have two single ones I use for my brushes and mascara but use this one to hold eyeliners, lip pencils and shadow sticks. I took advantage of the BOGO 50% off sale that they have pretty often.


  • 12/2/11 6:31 Soma:

    Its only printed on one side… I have two of these for my brushes. Not bad, but don’t bother hauling till at least a 50% coupon.


    • 12/2/11 6:33 Soma:

      Doh, didn’t see someone said this already! Well, if it helps, check out a carousel instead… The ELF holders aren’t too consistent in quality, but they do serve their purpose well. I’d like the carousel because I like the idea of spinning my brushes around for access.


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