MAC Black Knight Lipstick Returns

Black Knight returns…it kinda sorta sounds Batman-like in nature but it’s actually a lipstick…!

MAC Black Knight returns for Black Friday, one day only, November 25th. It’s a cult classic lip color that will be available exclusively online.

You can follow some of MAC’s Senior Artists, Keri Blair (@MAC_Keri_B) and Romero Jennings (@MAC_Romero_J) on Twitter for tips on how to rock this elegantly ebony Black Knight shade…but honestly, there is probably little hope for me to cash in on this color…my goth membership has a clause that states I don’t have to wear black lippie to be part of the club. Bet Howard could use some though to get lucky with some hawt goth chicklets.

P.S. All this talk of Black Knights got me thinking of the Dark Knight…have you hauled hard on the Converse DC Comics Collection? If not you seriously NEED to. I won’t admit my haul here less I embarrass myself.

  • 11/22/11 14:38 Julianne:

    I both love and hate the fact that you linked to the Converse DC Comics Collection. I had NO IDEA that was a collection. Goodbye Holiday money for family. Hello wonderful DC comics shoes. 😀


    • 11/22/11 14:39 the Muse:

      LOL sorriesssssssss ;-D


      • 11/22/11 16:44 Julianne:

        Trust me, absolutely no need for apologies on that one! Which pair did you pick up by the way, Muse?


        • 11/22/11 16:49 the Muse:

          hehe ;-D thanks for forgiving me ;-D JL, flash, joker, lantern, riddler ;-D


  • 11/22/11 15:46 Bonnie:

    Muse, black lipstick and comic-book-themed Chucks in one post? I feel like I’ve been transported back to 1993! :) Not sure if I could pull off the black lipstick these days although I certainly used to rock it sometimes in my teen years!


    • 11/22/11 16:21 the Muse:

      ha bonnie ;-D but dontcha just love it? ;D!


  • 11/23/11 9:05 Majick:

    Sad but I really want this. Yeah, I never really could rock the black lippie – I just think it works better with either black hair or black hair with amazing colors woven through it. I used to rock those colors when I was a kid but at 51 I think I’ll stick with my golden/blonde/brown – it’s a little more flattering. LOL

    Maybe I should contact Keri Blair – she did my makeup years ago when I was going to Punta Cana on vacation. What a lovely person. (and fantastic artist, but I don’t really need to say that) Maybe she could give tips on how an “older” woman can embrace her inner Goth. LOL


  • 11/28/11 11:03 Nia:

    I must admit I got a pair of them and I feel giggly and guilty at the same time and still very happy I got them 😉
    You are not alone. Which ones did you get?! 😉


  • 11/29/11 13:45 Darlene:

    Oh gosh! I can’t believe I missed this. Anyone know where I can get some for less than thirty bucks now? 😀


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