MAC Daphne Guinness for MAC Collection

Here’s a look at the MAC Daphne Guinness Collection releasing this Boxing Day (December 26th, 2011).

Take a look!

This is the first glimpse into the palette and colours imagined and created by Daphne Guinness. Daphne is her art. This is part of her discovery and evolution. “This collection is a window into my imagination .”

MAC Daphne Guinness for MAC Pigment $20

  • Aurora Pinked taupe (frost)
  • Circa Plum Frosty dirty mid-tone lavender (frost)
  • Nebula Dark greyed brown with pearl (frost)

MAC Daphne Guinness for MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme $17

  • Warp Speed Light silver Red Dwarf Blue-pink
  • Seasoned Plum Mid-tone lavender
  • Approaching Storm Deep rose

MAC Daphne Guinness for MAC Cremesheen Glass $18.50

  • Borealis Pale grey pink with iridescent pearl
  • Japanese Spring Pale dirty pink
  • Narcissus Dirty eggplant Richly Revered Deep brown plum

MAC Daphne Guinness for MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil $15

  • Engraved Rich black
  • Grey Utility Uniform grey

MAC Daphne Guinness for MAC Eye Brows $18

  • Fling Light taupe ash blonde
  • Stud Deep rich blackened brown

MAC Daphne Guinness for MAC Interior Life Quad $38

  • Stratus Light pink (matte) Interior
  • Life Mid-tone grey blue (veluxe pearl)
  • Bruised Sky Dark lavender-y grey (satin)
  • Heather Belles Dark charcoal/carbon (satin)

MAC Daphne Guinness for MAC Blush Ombre $26

  • Azalea Blossom Light cool pink
  • Vintage Grape Mid-tone violet pink

MAC Daphne Guinness for MAC Nail Lacquer $15

  • Hyperion Light grey blue green (crème)
  • Endless Night Pale grey pink with iridescent pearl (frost)
  • Blueblood Deep eggplant (crème)

The collection launches December 26th in the US and January 2012 Worldwide at MAC Locations and online at

Are you hauling it?

  • 11/14/11 9:56 Sarah S.:

    omg red dwarf!!!!


    • 11/14/11 10:07 the Muse:

      haha right?! right?! I was hyped! I don’t even care about the color LMAO!


  • 11/14/11 10:30 Cj:

    Depending on how cool toned Azalea Blossom is, I might pick that up, other than that nothing really catches my eye, nor anything from the other collection :( Come on Mac! Make a Cj collection lol 😛


    • 11/22/11 10:50 Cj:

      Ooh pictures lol! Azalea Blossom looks beautiful! Can’t wait for swatches 😀


  • 11/14/11 11:36 Summer:

    Excited for this! Looks great!


  • 11/14/11 11:53 Sara:

    While it looks kinda cool, I’m going with “Meh.” Until it arrives. MAC’s insane LE release pace has created a whole lotta fail these past couple of years….

    Also, I remember a tv miniseries back in the 90s called White Dwarf that I always confuse with “Red Dwarf”. With Neal McDonough. Anybody else?


  • 11/14/11 12:55 Naomi:

    I am definitely picking up Vintage Grape blush ombre. I may also get Approaching Storm & Seasoned Plum pro longwear lip cremes, but I gotta see how they look first.


  • 11/14/11 13:57 nicolle:

    Is this the same Azalea Blossom that was released in 2010? I can’t remember. I didn’t really follow MAC till recently. I wanted that blush but could only find it on ebay…for $70+ bucks! I didn’t cave. Now, I am glad I did not!! :) thank you


    • 11/14/11 14:04 the Muse:

      yup that’s the one! ;-D my pleasure!


  • 11/14/11 19:44 Jenn:

    I have Azalea Blossom and it is probably my FAVORITE go to blush. It’s the perfect pink blush on me. :-)


    • 11/15/11 18:26 Nicole1275:

      see I’m very pale an think it’s to purple pink on me and I ended up selling it on ebay


      • 11/16/11 3:13 Jenn:

        really?? I am UBER-pale and it makes me look pinched cheek pink. LOL. Not purple-y on me at all. Hmm. I just stipple it on the apples of my cheek and light up to my hairline.


  • 11/14/11 19:58 Mel:

    If Approaching Storm is the lipstick she’s wearing in the photo, I must have it.


  • 11/14/11 20:27 Betty:

    Wasn’t she the inspiration for a NARS collection or at least a couple eye shadows last year?


  • 11/15/11 2:38 BooBooNinja:

    A fellow Red Dwarf fan?
    Smeg! I bow down to you!


    • 11/15/11 9:25 the Muse:

      haha smeg in the 90’s is what frak is to geeks in present day ;-D! lol!


  • 11/15/11 12:40 Tiffany:

    Im so excited for this collection! I might just have to tell mac to reserve some stuff for me so i can run and get it after xmas!


    • 11/18/11 0:30 Mel:

      You can do that?


      • 11/18/11 21:18 Jenn:

        Of course, that’s how I get all my MAC, go to the counter before the collection comes(2-3 days before) out or call and pre-order whatever I want from the collection. That way you’re sure they don’t sell out before you get there.


  • 11/17/11 0:38 LindaRu:

    This is definately on my wish list. I love evry piece in the collection. I’ve held off long enough on buying new make-up, this one will break the bank!


  • 11/20/11 14:46 Coquette in Paris:

    ok, I’ll say it if you guys won’t: Daphne scares the hell out of me. Legit.
    Also, I haven’t liked a MAC LE release since Dame Edna, pretty much. Less releases and more focus on quality plz, Mac?


    • 11/21/11 23:04 Sara:

      I don’t actually know who she is?


  • 11/21/11 20:54 Brandon:

    OK…so there’s a big, glamorous, satin adorned ballroom filled with tables, at each table is a different makeup brand…and…OOOH GUURL, Ms.Guinness just threw her champagne ALL OVER Mr. Nars and did a strut that could get her a spot onto RuPaul’s Drag Race from the NARS table right over to the MAC one! Sashay shontay INDEED! They better have a fainting chair ready at the MAC table for Daphne cuz she is gonna need it!

    yeah, im not really interested/impressed by this collection and imagining this whole little bitchy scenario in my head is the only way i can muster up any feelings for it =P lol


  • 11/22/11 9:23 Joan:

    Think I may have my favorite MAC counter hold the Azalea blush and eyeshadow quad for me.


  • 11/23/11 10:56 dementia:

    I can’t wait for to get these! I love Daphne! BTW, what plugin did you use for your photos? I love the style


  • 11/28/11 11:07 Nia:

    Love the looks of the collection and the promo and the colors of the collection.
    Too bad though that they heavily photoshopped the promo. I still think she is hot, but a bit less would shave been nice and more realistic.


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