Maybelline Expert Eyes Eye Makeup Remover Towelettes Review

I’m pretty much a creature of habit and I never, ever go to bed with makeup on. My evening routine is like a three ring circus for removing my makeup and getting my skin ready for bed. I imagine they could make a reality tv show out of this regime, it’s serious shiz.

Moral of the story is I rarely, like never, go off this routine because I picture hell freezing over, skies falling, and the Red Sea parting if I did go off it.

I do have to brace myself for late nights now though as even though I promised myself I would not get involved with the latest Call of Duty release my good friend Angel who owns a gaming shop in Flushing sent me over a copy yesterday and things went down the hill fast. I could already feel hours of my life being chipped away…Angel should be shot down.

(P.S. Avoid the box edition and get the PS3 or XBOX version, way smoother play)

Last night we played for hours straight with brief Twitter updates and no food, drink, or pee breaks inbetween…by chance, did you hear on the news if the skies fell last night?

Needless to say this amount of gaming means you just wanna fall into bed after it without indulging in your normal makeup removal and nightly skin regime.

Bad, bad, bad…but at least I had a packet of Maybelline Expert Eyes Eye Makeup Remover Towelettes laying around!

Hey, these are nice!

Maybelline Expert Eyes Eye Makeup Remover Towelettes are tiny little wipes to remove your eye makeup in a flash. I like MAC Wipes in general but these little guys will set you back $2.99-$3.99 at drugstores for a pack of 50.

They aren’t huge, they aren’t for your entire face, and they aren’t going to do the trick so well on waterproof mascara they do however remove much of your eye makeup in a flash so you can bed down after a night full of gluttonous gaming.

The smaller size of the wipe is nice as you have a little bit more control over the wipe. Huge azz wipes are nice as well but since these are for your eyes it makes sense they are smaller. I had on a rather intricate eyeshadow look yesterday with liner and mascara and I’d say it did the trick on about 90% of it…waterproof mascara is a little tricky as it’ll leave enough on lashes so you’ll wait up with raccoon eyes but for quickie removal on the fly these are ace.

So if C0D is taking over your life at the moment I suggest grabbing a pack or two to get your eye makeup off in a hurry so you can get to sleep for the long day of work ahead and the shoot up after!



This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 11/9/11 20:53 CupK8:

    I love that your late night is from a gaming binge! <3 While I'm not an FPSer myself, I have often skimped (or skipped) on wash ups thanks to a long-azz game session.


    • 11/10/11 14:42 the Muse:

      LOL cupk8…more loser than cool ;-D what do you enjoy? I’m more an RPG’er than a FPSer tbh but I admit I like blowing shiz up and shooting people on occasion ;D


  • 11/9/11 21:56 Eva Sofia:

    You are seriously awesome girl!! I love reading your blog…you make reviews so much fun to read. Makeup junkie + Gamer= awesomeness 😀

    I need to try those towelettes. I use the Neutrogena ones, but I don’t think they do such a great job…I just like them because they are non drying to my face (at least for me) . I will look for them next time I’m shopping. Thanks for the review as always!


    • 11/10/11 12:09 the Muse:

      ha thanks eva you’re too kind <3 you back!!!!!!!!! my pleasure I hope these work for you chica!


  • 11/9/11 22:33 Lisa:

    Since young, I have been told by my mom & aunt that I shouldn’t wear makeup to sleep because the ghosts of perverts will come and take my soul away.. LOL. I’m 20 now, I find that ridiculous, but it still gives me the creeps to think about it =x


    • 11/10/11 14:41 the Muse:

      LOL Lisa it could be possible hahaha ;D!


  • 11/9/11 23:22 Littlecreek:

    Ahhh MW3, we’re putting in another long night tonight at my house. I’ve whipped up my new favorite coffee concoction and settled in (writing this during a coffee break actually). Can’t wait for the multiplayer marathon with my brother and his wife this weekend.

    …oh and makeup wipes are good (had to put SOMETHING related to the post).


    • 11/10/11 14:41 the Muse:

      ugh I missed last night…went for dinner, stopped home quickly, went back out for a movie…I was sweating in the theater and tapping my foot, withdrawal LOL!


    • 11/10/11 15:45 Littlecreek:

      We just finished up the campaign. The last mission is intense! Now I have a full night of multiplayer ahead of me. LOL Satisfy those cravings and hunt some n00bs!


      • 11/10/11 16:19 the Muse:

        yay for hurtin’ n00bs! KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D lol!


  • 11/9/11 23:38 Carolyn:

    I need to remember to pick some of these up the next time I’m at Walgreen’s. By the by, would you mind sharing your full evening skincare routine at some point? I’m struggling to find a good cleanser to remove eye makeup and would love to see your suggestions for makeup removers in general.


    • 11/10/11 14:40 the Muse:

      I did a while ago carolyn in a lush post which basically covers what I use ;-D if you look back under skincare or search you’ll find the post ;-D


  • 11/10/11 9:27 JoElla:

    I have ignored Maybelline forever, then thought what the heck and tried the Fit Me line. OMG LOVE IT! Great color match and this wears fantab in the Texas Humidity. *foundation, powder. blush. and concealer).

    I have been not so hip on this line since trying that horrid green and pink mascara and since I am having such great luck with the Fit Me goodies, I would try these in a heartbeat. For the price you cannot beat it!
    I may even try out another version of their mascara!

    Now back to COD. The kids have gone totally PS3 with the COD games, Hubby is still old school and perfers the computer version. I gotta admit, I cannot play this game, I get dizzy and always end up shooting rocks LOL. But I think the computer version has better graphics.

    The boys have actually jumped ship and gone to the Battlefield games. Oldes is so jonsing for latest one (shh he gets it for his birthday next week 😉
    but of course, since their birthdays are coming up, they still have Christmas to ask for it *snork*


    • 11/11/11 15:19 the Muse:

      I get dizzy to Jo, it takes a sec ;-D if I play too long it’s migraine CITY! I didn’t like the box version sadly, I’m old school too and enjoy most games on a box but this time graphics sucked it hard and the play was rough so I had to resort to console!!!!!!!!!!

      ha ;-D I want you to be my mum! ;-D My christmas stocking is empty please feel free to fill it with games ;D and makeup!


  • 11/10/11 12:02 Barb:

    It hasn’t taken over my life but it has of my two kids. I’ve got a 24 year old and an 11 year old. Both boys and both are sitting in their rooms with the headphones on yelling at the tv!


    • 11/10/11 12:07 the Muse:

      lol barb poor you!


  • 11/10/11 14:15 Kimryan8:

    You crack me up. My husband is a total Xbox nerd and I told him about your entry of Batman “in your gaming box stealing your sleepz.” He’s been on that damn game since he got it!

    It is refreshing to hear about your real life and what you are in to, even if you get up an hour early to play video games instead of using that hour to primp. Love it!


    • 11/10/11 14:29 the Muse:

      aw thanks kim your comment made me grin ;-D I totes can’t get enough of AC but I’ve moved onto C0D temporarily ;-D! hehe! Ha poor you, I guess that means you get EXTRA time to primp while he’s glued to the game hehe. Damn boys and their toys :D!


  • 11/10/11 14:33 Kimryan8:

    You know it! Have a great day.


    • 11/10/11 14:35 the Muse:

      aw thanks chica ;-D you too, you too! and a happy weekend to come! and play AC! it’s wicked ;D!


  • 11/10/11 15:13 kuro-panda:

    Wahhhhh! MWF3!?!?! As soon as final exams are over I know where a good chunk of my life is headed…straight for the couch haha. It’s nice to know that others out there who like makeup and games :) Although I much prefer RPGs I will be getting this for my Bro’s xmas present if he didn’t already get it himself lol.

    Are these better than the Almay pads? I’ve been needing a replacement for the ones I have since I hate the texture of the fabric on my eye- if feels so rough! I’ve also been trying the Sonia Kashuk Remove, but bottled eye makeup removers tend to get a bit messy when you’re as clumsy as I am >.<


    • 11/11/11 15:15 the Muse:

      ha! enjoy kuro! Good times! ;-D I like RPGs way better myself too! ;-D I normally use bottle removers to be honest as they are the most effective…those almay ones are the worst no offense!


  • 11/10/11 15:41 Kimryan8:

    Sadly I am not a true gamer. I am more of a Tetris person. On Xbox, I like Zuma and Plants vs Zombie stuff. Gotta keep it easy or I lose interest. AC is way beyond my capabilities!


    • 11/10/11 16:19 the Muse:

      I love tetris ;-D Plants vs Zombies rocks too ;-D! aw you should try! ;D


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