Milani Cosmetics 50% Off Coupon Code

Don’t forget, Milani has extended its Cyber Monday deal into today. Maybe we can call it Cyber Tuesday? Just a thought!

Use promo code CYBER to get 50% Off your total order and Free Shipping at

I tried it and all is working including the site which was under heavy load yesterday and wouldn’t even open!


Random P.S. of the Day: Btw…Dylan Moran is on Twitter!

  • 11/29/11 10:59 NeenaJ:

    Thanks Muse! Just picked up a few things including the Eye Tech liquid liner (based on your glowing review).


    • 11/29/11 11:06 the Muse:

      my pleasure hun ;-D you’re going to LOVE ;D!


  • 11/29/11 11:32 Maggie:

    Oh, man, I *LOVE* Dylan Moran and Black Books with all my heart ^_^


    • 11/29/11 11:38 the Muse:

      LOL maggie, it’s what he does best, playing the drunken lush lmao ;-D I swear I’ve seen every eppy at least twice ;-D and Bailey is a pure genius!


  • 11/29/11 11:44 Sara:

    The site was *insanely* slow yesterday, but the pages never timed out so I just left them in a tab and continued on my merry intertubing way. Eventually my order got through so yay!

    Milani handled it really well, too. They put out the notice almost immediately that the site was slow and they would extend the sale a second day for the people who couldn’t log on yesterday. No extraneous information, no snarky back talk, no ignoring the problem. Just a straight “yep, it’s slow, here’s a solution:__” Which I very much appreciated. :)


    • 11/29/11 11:58 the Muse:

      agreed! they did a great job with it ;D!


      • 11/29/11 14:50 Sara:

        Oh yeah, what’d you haul, Muse? I just snagged a couple of liners (the ones that are like UD’s) and some of the Haute Flash stuff. Been feeling more adventurous with lip stuff lately. 😀


        • 11/29/11 14:50 the Muse:

          would you believe nothing? ;-D I’m utterly stocked up on Milani! ;D


          • 11/29/11 20:09 Sara:

            Nothing sounds so crazy it almost has to be true. 😮

  • 11/29/11 12:05 Regina:

    Thanks Muse, big hugs <3
    Just hauled a bunch of glitter polishes & lippies!!


    • 11/29/11 12:07 the Muse:

      it’s my pleasure hun! great haul enjoy ;-D wear in health!


  • 11/29/11 15:26 Logan:

    I was pleased as punch to order from Milani and Jordana. Jordana wasn’t very slow at all but Milani was sluggish and took a bit. It was fine though gave me tons of time to poke and chip at my shopping cart and time to justify all my purchases (like do I really need 2 more eyeshadows when I have a new 88 palette I’ve barely used, answer was PRETTY PRETTY SHINY SHINY >.<). Overall check out was a breeze and they even have a paypals option (I used it to order on both) that was great (wish more sites would use paypals). Can't wait till it gets here.


    • 11/29/11 15:29 the Muse:

      yay logan enjoy girl!


  • 11/29/11 16:40 Lexi:

    Swoon! Love Dylan Moran! 😀


  • 11/29/11 19:18 Jenn:

    Yay, I just ordered some of the baked eyeshadows(red, teal, brown and black/tealish mix) I don’t have and 3 of the liquifeye pencils(gold, silver, aqua). I’ve heard such great things about their liners, can’t wait to try them and I don’t have a silver or gold liner. I figured I’d try the unique colors, since i have plenty of black and brown from UD. Now my Milani collection is complete(well of things I wanted) I got the baked blushes on your review last time there was a sale, Love them so much! Thanks Muse!


  • 11/29/11 21:52 Cynthia:

    omg, I bought more things than i was expecting! I was only going for the Red Vino baked blush, and the red 3D gloss, and ended up getting the Corallina blush, Leading Lady 3D gloss, and a crystal gloss as well! But i can’t help but LOVE the blushes. I have Dolce Pink, Rose D’oro, Luminoso, and Berry Amore, and Fantastico Mauve and they’re amazing!


  • 11/30/11 18:08 Mallory:

    Thanks! I ended up buying more than I needed…..


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