Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio Universal Looks

Physicians Formula is releasing two new color variations of their Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trios. These new sets include three eyeliners for $10.95 each.

The kicker is they are only available in Smokey (pictured above) and Nude shade selections. They are supposed to be part of the Universal Looks Collection which includes four new Shimmer Strips Palettes so I find it interesting they didn’t release four color variations of the product.

Oh well!

I’m actually not a fan of these liners but I am intrigued by the nude color selection which I haven’t yet seen in my area.

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  • 11/30/11 15:38 Tammie:

    I like these liners (I have a bunch) and I saw these at CVS (along with the shimmer strips shadows)! I want the nude but I wish I could see swatches first…


  • 11/30/11 17:09 Tiffany:

    I love these liners! I have them in the hazel eye shades and im in love with the taupe liner , i use it almost every day and it helps me get a nice smooth line. I will most likely pick up the liners rather than the shadows , they seem to be not that great


    • 11/30/11 17:30 Tammie:

      The shadows are pretty decent, but I feel like these palettes are pretty similar to the existing ones…I originally wanted the Nude palette but just looking at it I feel like it’s similar to a regular palette I already have (can’t remember exactly the one though).


  • 11/30/11 19:34 Maple:

    Got the liners in Nude… great colors for an understated everyday eye look, but formula is not so great…. claims to be smudge-resistant, but smudged under my eyes after 2-3 hrs.


  • 12/1/11 12:04 Shannon:

    Ooooooh! I adore these liners, the dark brown in the Brown Eye trio is somewhat of HG brown liner material for me. I’ve purchased at least like 3-4 sets of the Brown Eye set (i’m on my 3rd tube of the dark brown lol, one more backup box left…) just for that Dark Brown. x____x I don’t really need it to be sharp (so the sharpener’s completely uncessary, in fact i dind’t realize it’s there til i saw your other post on the liners lol) and they haven’t snapped on me at all thankfully. The dark brown in particular lasts all day on me with no smudging or transferring (i also only tightline and line my upper lashline though, not bottom, though most other brands including UD tend to smudge/transfer on me even when i only apply on my upper lashline!), possibly due to it being a slightly drier (but not really dry) formula?

    the black shades seems to still transfer a bit on me, but not too badly, and no smudging. the colored liners are nice (like the purple) but i don’t get to use them often as I like my work mu to be neutral (tho at the rate i go through the dark brown liners, i’m considering starting to use the purples as a daily liner anyway just to use them up!)

    My only problem is that since they’re retractable, i feel like each liner isn’t that long (ie quantity)…it’s either because i use the dark brown daily or there’s just much product, but i seem to go through a dark brown liner every couple of months of daily use. *sigh*

    i hope the new Nude liner trio is a trio of browns! *___*


  • 12/1/11 14:45 kharanya:

    Oooh these look nice! How do they compare to their regular pencil liners? I tried one and was super disappointed by it.


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