Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Enhancing Universal Looks Palettes Photos

I’ve been on the look out for the new Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Enhancing Universal Looks Palettes that I told you about last week. No luck yet! But I did get two samples in the mail yesterday to try out…

Here’s a look!

I’ve been hunting around my local drugstores but haven’t seen these yet. A haul is in my future if I do. I’ll keep you posted.

Anyone see them yet in your area?

Review and Swatches upcoming shortly…!

  • 11/10/11 12:18 Eli:

    Look nice, but a little bit cheap imho :)


  • 11/10/11 13:03 Jolene:

    Just left a CVS looking for the Revlon Lip Butters (no luck) and didn’t see these there either.


  • 11/10/11 15:00 coco:

    in my experience the Phys. formula shimmer strips have been amazing. excellent pigment and long lasting. they may look kinda cheapy, but they’ll surprise you with their pigmentation. i’d definitely try this out!


  • 11/10/11 16:16 Prairie Peg:

    I was told by my local Walgreen’s that they don’t carry Physicians Formula anymore. I checked several in town and none of them had any PF! I went to CVS here and they had Physicans Formula but not these. They also had the Revlon Lip Butters but they were so high on a shelf I couldn’t even reach them! I like the looks and colors in these new Palettes and I continue to look for them!


  • 11/11/11 0:56 Coral:

    These look so much more pretty than the promo photos! Now I really doubt I’ll resist temptation to buy these if I see them on the store.
    All these limited releases are like scavenger hunts in trying to find them all.


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