Pixi Beauty PixieGlow Tinker Bell Collection

Who better to collaborate with Pixi Beauty than the most well known pixie of all, Tinkerbell herself!

Yup, a Pixi Tinker Bell Collection is on the way!


WWD reports that Petra Strand’s Pixi Beauty brand will collaborate on a new collection entitled PixiGlow that’s inspired by the most famous pixie of all, Peter Pan’s tiny buddy, Tinker Bell!

“They [Disney] approached us saying we were all about a touch of magic and they have the most famous fairy in the world and let’s figure out a way to work together,” Strand told WWD about the collection which will launch in Spring 2012.

The collection will be available at Target, Boots, and Pixi’s website.

The line with include products like Fairy Dust which is a shimmering powder. Other items will include Magic Tink Tint (lip crayon) Straight on Till Morning Eyeliner, Fairytale Face Palette, and Chasing Shadows Eye Crayons ($14 to $34) and of course, her royal Tink-ness makes an appearance on all of the packaging.

Ahhh something amazing to look forward to for Spring, don’t you agree?

  • 11/15/11 10:47 Ruth:

    WOW! She is too cute! I can’t wait to add her to my stash!


  • 11/15/11 12:24 Eve:

    I’m not a big Tinkerbell fan but I do love Disney and makeup! I wanna check this out!


  • 11/15/11 12:57 Sarah S.:

    Perfect collabo!


  • 11/15/11 13:07 Molly:

    This is so exciting! I can’t wait!


  • 11/15/11 14:28 Mara:

    Can’t wait to see the products!!!


  • 11/15/11 15:01 Zoelarue:

    What?? Tinker bell wears makeup?


  • 11/16/11 2:16 SJ:

    Not a single green amongst the eyeshadows… Interesting….


  • 11/16/11 2:24 Jane:

    I am looking forward to this collection. I love anything to do with Tinkerbell, I can’t wait to see the products plus pixi products are very good well the ones I have tried at least.


  • 11/16/11 13:16 Michelle:

    The face palette sounds especially adorable! :)


  • 11/16/11 13:50 Cath:

    AAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I am sooo excited! I am the biggest tinkerbell fan EVER! Let us know when a more specific date will be set :)


    • 11/16/11 14:01 the Muse:

      but of course ;D!


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