Prescriptives is Back


If you’re a fond fan of Prescriptives foundation (and other bits and bobs) you’ll be happy to know that a limited catalog of their products is available exclusively online at

It’s back, for good. This isn’t temporary so you can sleep peacefully at night knowing your custom blend foundation will always be around.

I miss the limited edition color collections how great would it be if they brought those back?

  • 11/22/11 12:51 Jennifer:

    I am a big fan of thier camoflage cream concealer. I wish they were still sold at Sephora.


  • 11/22/11 13:29 Carolyn:

    *dances in the streets*

    I loved their custom blends and had a really hard time finding a replacement when they went out of business. Joy!


  • 11/22/11 16:39 Mai:

    Darn, they don’t seem to ship to Canada, I was so hoping they did. I really miss their Virtual Matte foundation and the Camouflage concealer. :(


  • 11/22/11 17:20 Lydia:

    What about the UK? How would you get blended if you didn’t already know your mix? I’m desperate for some but the stuff they did wasn’t pale off the shelves, I had to be mixed for!


  • 11/22/11 19:55 Therese:

    The collections they used to bring out at Christmas were always awesome! I have two from last year and I just love them. They are missed.


  • 11/22/11 20:09 katrosado:

    I haven’t seen that EL sold the presciptives name Muse. I did see where they have acquired smashbox though. IMHO they need to start paying more attention to MAC because their collections have been a bit lacking in consistent quality for the past couple seasons.


    • 11/23/11 11:02 the Muse:

      thankfully they haven’t it, got an email confirming it katros ;-D


  • 11/23/11 14:19 Noelle:

    YAY! They were my 1st makeup brand that I’ve ever used.


  • 11/23/11 15:02 Holly:

    I am glad there back. I was at on outlet mall this summer that had Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder and others. They still were selling Prescriptives claiming there was still inventory in the warehouse. I hope what they are selling now is “NEW” and not old product.

    I wonder if there is any way to tell?


  • 11/24/11 1:23 Suzy:

    Prescriptives actually never shut down and they started production again in June 2010 due to so many complaints. Estee Lauder companies use a date code that is on the bottom of the product. An example would be A10. The A is the factory where the product was made and the 10 means it was produced in Jan of 2010. Hope this helps. The foundation would all be new product but I don’t know about the color. So much of the line has disappeared. I wish they would have the limited edition color palettes for Christmas again. No, I wish Estee Lauder would just admit they made a mistake and bring the line back into stores or at the very least back into Nordstroms or Sephora.


  • 6/8/12 7:10 Rose:

    Any tips for having a bottle send overseas to Australia? I tried a mail forwarding company which provided me with a US address, but unfortunately Prescriptives won’t authorise use of a non-US credit card …


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