Sephora Holiday 2011 Catalog

My Sephora Holiday 2011 Catalog popped into my mailbox a few days ago. Did you get yours?

I enjoy taking photos of for my International readers plus discussing it with those who have gotten their catalog.

Let’s have a look!

I’m a little nitpicky when it comes to Sephora catalogs and I tend to express my disappointment alot as these catalogs used to be massive and alot more colorful than they are in recent years.

This year’s Holiday catalog is rather ho-hum with a few looks and very little fanfare. The catalog doesn’t include half of the great collections that Sephora is offering for the Holidays and wastes entire full, two fold spreads on skincare…who cares about skincare during the Holidays ya know?

The fairy-like white shimmering promo model on the cover is a nice touch however there isn’t any real theme throughout the catalog which Sephora has embraced in the past.

Oh well! What do you think?

Loving it?

Do share!

  • 11/3/11 20:48 catazure:

    I got my VIB card today with the same model on it. Looking forward to the 10-14th!


  • 11/3/11 22:09 Med School Girl:

    Hey Muse! Quick question – how do you sign up to get the sephora catalog? Is it free? Thanks!


  • 11/3/11 23:19 Alix:

    Not as good as catalogs past, but a lovely surprise to see an Asian model on the cover. She’s gorgeous!


    • 11/3/11 23:23 the Muse:

      an asian model alix? huh?


      • 11/4/11 1:29 Let:

        I got the one with Asian model on the cover too. I think Sephora has 2 versions for the cover.
        The Asian model has short black hair and red lips.


        • 11/4/11 8:52 the Muse:

          ooooo…hm how odd now I want the other one :)


          • 11/7/11 15:43 cassie:

            I also got the catalog with the Asian model.

  • 11/3/11 23:54 Chynna:

    It’s not as fun as past catalogs, but I really like it. It features completely wearable looks and isn’t full of outrageous looks that are pretty in pictures, but not workable in most real life situations. I’m too old to wear Nars Outremer and hit the clubs – I need things that are workable for the office.


    • 11/4/11 8:54 the Muse:

      very true chynna but those looks are always kinda festively fun :)


  • 11/4/11 1:10 Christa:

    My catalog has a gorgeous Asian model on the cover as well. The blonde is in the interior of mine, but the images aren’t all the same as those you’ve featured.


  • 11/4/11 1:17 Dana:

    I actually received mine for the first time since I signed up for one over a year ago. My catalog does have an Asian woman on the front, I think. I flipped through really quick. The inside pages look completely the same, just different covers. I’m just a Beauty Insider, maybe for VIB its different?


    • 11/4/11 8:53 the Muse:

      oh maybe dana!?


  • 11/4/11 8:13 laura R:

    definitely dull….wowsers, Sephora, way to put the effort in.


  • 11/4/11 8:54 Sarah S.:

    I got the one with the asian model too


  • 11/4/11 9:39 kiwikiwidragon:

    I got the one with asian gal as well and I am VIB so maybe it’s a north/south thing?? or totally random. I love the promo images, makes me yearn for certain things even more, sigh……


  • 11/4/11 12:22 Laura:

    I disliked the last catalog – thought it was boooooring.

    But this one I like, it seems very holiday/winter like. Quiet and glistening like snow falling.

    Plus it’s exactly how I wear my makeup – made up neutral eyes, with splash of color and nude-ish lips. Very romantic


    • 11/4/11 12:23 Laura:

      Oh and I got the asain girl on the front too


  • 11/4/11 21:54 Coquette in Paris:

    legit so much better than the french one (surprised?!)


  • 11/5/11 16:43 rita:

    I got the one with the asian model on the cover as well and I thought this catalog was a lot better than the previous one.
    This catalog made me go back and purchase the fragrance samplers during the F&F sale.


  • 11/6/11 8:51 telle:

    i havent gotten a sephora catalogue in years now, even though under my account online i have requested the catalogues. :( you make a fabulous point though Muse, the catalogues aren’t what they used to be and this one, to me, is lack lustre and boring. This is something i might expect to see for a spring/summer campaign…I did love the theme that they did the past two years, very festive, celebratory and a tad not-every day looks, which was what was great about it! that’s the holidays, not every day of the year.

    Thanks, as always, Muse, for sharing! :))


    • 11/7/11 13:44 the Muse:

      my pleasure telle ;-D I’m glad you enjoy seeing the post. I agree le sigh…it’s just not the same. I remember some fab sephora catalogs damn shame this is what it came to :(


  • 11/8/11 12:47 LaurieS:

    I have the same one as Muse. I agree it’s too skimpy and most of the great limited holiday editions aren’t even featured so I wasn’t tempted by anything. Oh well, I’ve bought too much already anyway. I do love the soft look of the model on my cover


    • 11/8/11 12:57 the Muse:

      mm yeah…wonder why they dedicated full spreads to skincare and didn’t even include some of the FANTASTIC palettes they have exclusive!


  • 11/9/11 20:38 Maggie:

    The great part is that Sephora employees have to wear *only* the looks from the catalog until New Year’s. Goody 😛 Two months of the same three incredibly boring looks…


  • 11/27/11 13:57 Caitlin:

    Hey! I got mine and it acdientslt got thrown away :( but there was a page where one of the girls had her nails painted with gold nail polish and sparkle down the side can you post a picture of it so I can try to replicate?! thanks!


  • 12/11/11 4:57 Rebecca:

    I cannot even get them to send me a catalog anymore… I don’t know what they are thinking. It’s really made me angry. I’ve spent a lot of money there and can’t even get the holiday catalog for Christmas shopping. I’ve tried to request it twice, even called, and ended up with Fall 2011. Wth?


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