Stila Jewel Eyeshadow Trio

I feel like I need the new Stila Jewel Eyeshadow Trio!


There’s also Fassy goodness after the jump…! Just sayin’!

This sparkly trio of jewel colored shades have a high level of pearl which gives a gorgeous sparkling finish.

The trio includes the following shades:

  • Opal
  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst

At $36, it’s not what we’ve come to expect from Stila in price however you have to remember that these are probably more along their regular line so the quality is there for the price I suspect.

I’m kinda interested, I like the shade selection and anything sparkle, well, you know it’s my crack!

Available now at

P.S. Gratuitous McFassy commercial for your drooling pleasure! Just put yourself in the place of that chick he winks at!


  • 11/18/11 14:22 Sarah S.:

    Haha you are so cute *he winked at meeee!* But yeah, I don’t want to pay that much for Stila no mo’!


    • 11/18/11 14:25 the Muse:

      *closes my eyes, dreams* Yes Fassy winked at me ;-D LOL!


  • 11/18/11 19:52 Angelic Mariposa })Ӝ({:

    I want it!!


  • 11/18/11 23:39 Ryou:

    Judging from the names of some of the shades and the name of the palette itself, I wonder if it’s is similar to their Jewel Eyeshadow Palette from last year. Do you know if this one is limited?


    • 11/21/11 11:41 the Muse:

      not sure on the LE status ryou :-/


  • 11/19/11 7:14 Mizz:

    Ahhhhh yes, anything sparkly is my crack as well. It aggravated most ppl I shop with, because I’m like an 8 year old with ADD when I see sparkles. It’s not my fault they can’t keep up, right??

    I think I need this as well. Lol.


  • 11/19/11 11:27 kimsicle:

    It looks like the It Girl palette.. which was $11 at one point. Why so expensive?


  • 11/19/11 15:28 theRothstanator:

    I was considering buying this too. Is it the same formula as their jewel palette?


    • 11/21/11 11:39 the Muse:

      not sure I don’t have it roth…!


  • 11/20/11 16:43 Lucy Hollander:

    If this was $15 like the It Girl palettes, I would totally buy but never for $36! I can get the entire Tarte True Blood palette!


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