Stila Loves BP Palette Nordstrom Exclusive

Stila has collaborated with Nordstrom and their Junior Department house brand, BP, to create an exclusive Travel Girl style palette.

Take a look!

I don’t have details on the shades but they look very similar to the Stila Living the Life in Laguna Palette which happened to be a favorite for me this past Summer so I’m highly interested in grabbing this one. The warmer shades definitely call out to me even though many of the shades look like a rehash of ones that have already been done across a few of the Beach and Travel Girl Palettes.

What do think?

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  • 11/15/11 11:34 Joyce:

    LOL when I read BP I thought it was referring to the gas company. I was like…why is Stila partnering with bp…….lol!

    Apparently Stila has a collection out with the Kardashians available in their Vegas boutique. I wish I was available online! 😉


    • 11/15/11 11:38 the Muse:

      oh no you kid LOL! please no Kim K palettes!


      • 11/15/11 11:51 kimkats:

        Wonder if those will last longer than her marriage… 😀


  • 11/15/11 11:38 kimkats:

    OMG – the first thing I thought of was “stila loves british petroleum” ?? Cute palette but those colors look way too pink to wear on my eyes without looking rabbitish…


  • 11/15/11 11:58 Courtney:

    I agree, it looks a lot like all the other Stila palettes as of late


  • 11/15/11 12:02 Missy:

    Lovin the cover art! But a little too pinkish for me… *sigh*


  • 11/15/11 12:47 Fuuka:

    I have a feeling I’m getting a lot of Stila palettes this Christmas. Is the blush purple?? I like the coppery eyeshadow on the top.


    • 11/15/11 13:56 the Muse:

      not sure haven’t seen it in person yet fuuka looks dusky pink to me!?


  • 11/15/11 13:01 katrosado:

    I love pink eyeshadows. Burgandy, reddish plum, red purples are my *thing* LOL. I might pick this up for my daughter so I can use it too 😉


  • 11/15/11 13:04 Sarah S.:

    I want the Kim K one! but I’m just going to pretend BP doesn’t exist hmmmph. I have Laguna already… stop taking my money, Stila!


  • 11/15/11 22:02 Duckses:

    The eyeshadow colors look exactly like the France Travel Girl Palette!


  • 11/15/11 22:25 Carolyn:

    This looks perfect for a few people on my gift list. I just wish there was a Nordstrom near me so I could see it in person.


  • 11/16/11 5:41 Nekura:

    This is cute however to me it looks a lot like Stila repackaged their older “Pretty in Paris” palette with the convertible cheek/lip color..with an addition of 2 cheek powders instead. The color schemes for the shadows are the same as the Pretty in Paris, looks almost identical and I bet it is because these mini palettes sprout like weeds now!


  • 11/16/11 20:29 Paulyna:

    They even have a Macy exclusive one too!


    • 11/18/11 16:13 the Muse:

      great minds! I saw it ;-D!


  • 11/19/11 5:27 kristinrose:

    does anyone know the names of these colors?! it would be greatly appreciated!


  • 12/11/11 15:28 kristinrose:


    Starting with the eyeshadows upper left & going clockwise: clique (shimmery seashell pink), bestie (shimmery plummy rose), wink (shimmery burgundy/wine) and hipster (matte dark brown). Top to bottom, Crush is a plummy pink blush and flirt is a bright pink highlighter. Hope this helps!


    • 12/12/11 11:34 the Muse:

      thanks kristin!


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