Stila Online Warehouse Sale 2011

Stila’s Online Warehouse Sale is on peeps!

There are some mighty fine deals.

Take a look at a few that caught my eye!

You can stuff some nice stockings with these offers.

Take advantage of them all at

  • 11/28/11 14:03 Ruth:

    if you like the nail polish, they have a special where you can get all 8 colors for $24, just put nail polish in their search and it will come up!


  • 11/28/11 14:31 breyerchic04:

    This was my only haul of the day. Got two tinted moisturerizers, acai crush, a convertible color blush, a silver smudge stick, and an indigo eye color something (it’s one I’ve never used). For $31.

    Does this mean they’re discontinuing crushes?


    • 11/28/11 14:48 the Muse:

      i sure hope not but I have feeling they prob will introduce some new stain for Spring which is why they are on sale now! good haul girl!


      • 12/8/11 16:42 breyerchic04:

        Got it today, so glad to have gotten the moisturizers, I got both the illuminating one and the original tinted moisturizer, and I can wear them both. The convertible eye color is stupid in design but the indigo shade of liner is nice, as is the silver smudge stick. Not loving the acai crush. Haven’t tried the convertible cheek yet, it’s Rose which i know will work on me.


  • 11/28/11 15:22 theflyingpoodle:

    Great price on the stains! Which do you think would be best for fair skin and medium brown hair/eyes?


  • 12/7/11 13:36 Jovanna C.:

    I had to order another thing of the coconut crush (for my vacation to hawaii for New year’s), primecolor in Kitten, smudgestick in stingray, the 4 convertible colors kit, and the party in a box for $45.

    I really love their crushes, but some of them do not stain and stick around, raspberry, mango, yumberry, and cherry are notorious for this issue. But acai, pomegrante, and coconut are long wearing.


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