Stila Ultimate Color Palette

Stila Ultimate Color Palette 1

Huge thanks to Roberto today for sharing the Stila Ultimate Color Palette with me. She got this at Costco for $20.

As you can see it’s very reminiscent of the Stila Holiday Blockbuster Palette that Costco had last year.


This palette is actually bigger in terms of shadows than last year’s at the same price.

You get:

  • 39 Eyeshadows
  • 15 Lipcolors
  • 4 Cheek Colors
  • 8 Applicators (Lip and Eye)

Stila Ultimate Color Palette 2

Last’s year’s version consisted of:

  • 30 Stila Eyeshadows
  • 15 Stila Lip Colors and Glosses
  • 2 Stila Sun Bronzers
  • 2 Stila Cheek Colors
  • 2 Stila All Over Shimmer Highlighters
  • 1 Mini Mascara

It’ll make a nice gift or if you’re a Stila fan you might want to indulge. But be warned it is Made in China and no way near the quality of the normal Stila range. Stila really should second guessing putting their names on palettes of this caliber since on the downside it does bring the value of the brand down and on the upside it’s nice to have a budget option. But hey, if the budget price doesn’t bring forth the quality what’s the sense?

Since I already have last year’s massive palette I can safely skip this one but it’s $20 bucks at Costco if you find you need it.

Thanks again to Roberto for contributing to this post with deets and photos!

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  • 11/7/11 9:17 Reena:

    coool! I’ll promise myself to get this as a present for myself this christmas!!! lol


  • 11/7/11 21:14 courtney:

    I’m glad you pointed out that it’s made in china because I bought this thinking it would be as good as other stila shadows – it’s not. the ones I tried weren’t very pigmented and I’d compare the quality to the ELF palettes I have which I paid much less for.


    • 11/8/11 10:32 the Muse:

      aw courtney sadly these mega palettes are def not on par with the normal stila catalog :(


  • 11/8/11 13:41 Coquette in Paris:

    I don’t even get why Stila is marketing to Costco? I remember when Stila was super high end….. and why tarnish their brand image with mediocre quality? Weird.


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