the Balm Black Friday 40% Off Coupon Code

The best ever Black Friday deal for me is the one that the Balm has this Friday!

On Friday, 11/25 at 9AM PST up until Midnight you can use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY to snatch up as much as you want at a whooping 40% off your total price using promo code BLACKFRIDAY.


Start filling your cart now at so it’s all ready for the big event!

  • 11/22/11 19:56 Marina:

    Meet Matt(e) for about $20?! I am considering this…


  • 11/22/11 20:03 Shari:

    I’ll definitely be filling my cart with Christmas presents and some goodies for myself of course! LOL I’m definitely getting Balmbina Volume 2; it looks gorgeous.


  • 11/22/11 20:04 electronicfly:

    Is there something wrong with The Balm’s website? Their links to get to Lips, Eyes, Cheeks etc until Palettes all directs to the main page only =/


  • 11/23/11 0:40 Lisa:

    Since it’s 40% I guess I’ll give in and order the Balmbini 2. I wish there were swatches of it before the day of the sale though.. ;( & I think 40% is an amazing deal! I remember when theBalm had a 50% off deal for one of their puggies birthday! 😀


  • 11/23/11 2:03 Julia:

    YAY! thank you for this!!!! I’m excited! Time to look up some good theBalm products to haul on Friday! 😀


  • 11/23/11 4:22 Jessica:

    Wow, awesome deal! I want to get the Nude ‘Tude palette as a gift – soo glad I didn’t purchase it yet, because 40% off takes it from $36 to $21! Definitely taking part in that sale!


  • 11/23/11 7:32 Brooke Lehman:

    anything you would recommend? I haven’t used this brand before. The Nude Palette looks cute, but I have tons of nude shades this one any different than others?


  • 11/23/11 11:31 Laura:

    20% now through the 27th at Cherry Culture


  • 11/23/11 11:47 darkeyedfran (claire ramirez):

    MUSE!!! I’m so excited for this! Thank you for posting! I’m excited to make my first Balm purchase! The meet matte palette will be mine! 😀 Have a great thanksgiving! I loved your post and I feel as if we are fellow blogger makeup geek friends! Thank you for everything you do :)


    • 11/23/11 12:03 the Muse:

      you’re most welcome claire ;-D fill up that cart girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You as well my dear to you and yours ;-D thank YOU for visiting and listening to my crazy babble ;D!


  • 11/23/11 14:18 Noelle:

    WOW. There are some GREAT deals. TheBalm & EP. I’ve never used thebalm,but this is a perfect time. Thanks Muse!


  • 11/23/11 17:28 Nazih:

    Nude’Tude, you will be mine!


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